Who watched Grey's last night?????


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I am so upset by the ending! I really like the Cali character and think Izzy has been a real unlikeable character for a while now. This last really has me totally turned off on her. (Honestly I couldn't understand why she was prosecuted in the death of her fiancee it just didn't make any sence to me but that old news.) I don't think Calli's "secret' was so terrible to make George flip out like that. I think it was Izzy who planted the doubts in his head in the first place. George was fine his family liked Calli and his dad had even told him he approved before he died. The horrid thing he said to Cali about Izzy after Cali said that she felt Izzy had a thing for him. And then blabbing her secret to his friends knowing that none of them can ever keep their mouth shut. can this marriage survive?????-RM


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I thought George treated Callie poorly. She has done nothing but love George. If the worst secret she has is that she is an heiress, then they are doing ok. I felt so bad when he said Izzy was a super model and wouldn't look at someone like him. He needed a good smack upside the head. What a hurtful thing to say to his wife. I have not like Izzy for a while but I was hoping she was making the change last night.
Cristina sort of dug herself a hole with "if getting a marriage ceremony makes you happy, I will do it". Eeek. Not the sort of reason I would want to hear.

I loved that Cristina crawled into Meredith's bed. It was such a loving gesture between the two flawed characters.
Too bad Izzy isn't going to be spun off. LOL. I still love Addison and hope she doesn't leave. </span>


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I watched it, RM.

I wrote this whole thing about it? But it did not come through and now, I have to vamoose.

But I will be back!



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I knew Izzy and George would wind up in bed together - did you see her face at the end?? Holy! I think George is like a little boy - perpetually confused and not sure how he is supposed to act. He hurt Callie by blabbling about their personal business and by saying hurtful things to her - he deserved to be tossed out on his ear!

I like that Meredith is getting along with her dad's wife - the woman "gets it", she understand's Meredith's apprehensions and she's genuinely wanting Meredith to have a relationship with her dad. I think it's sweet and about time.

I don't like Marlow - at all. He is so lecherous and creepy and I don't like the way he fondled Cristine. Cristine was rude to Burke. I don't even like Burke all that much, but it was mean to tell him the she'd marry him if it made him happy. Ugh - why would he want to now?? lol.

I cannot believe how wrapped up in this show we get!


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I missed the first part of the show, so I did not get to see the man grabbing Christina except on the commercials. Even so, isn't it interesting that Christina's pattern appears to be to form sexual relationships with powerful males to avail herself of the advantages to be taken there? And was it last week that the episode was shown when Christina demanded that Burke do something about the female surgeon who had decided not to amputate the athlete's leg ~ and he did, and then regretted it?

On Izzy? I think she is used to men wanting her more than they want anyone else. Izzy's sudden infatuation with George is less about love than ego. And it was Izzy's ego that was threatened by George's marriage to Callie.

Izzy doesn't want him ~ but she does want him to want her so much that no other woman could displace his dreams of her.

It has nothing to do with George.

I think Callie gets that, too.

So more and more, the show revolves around power, and what we give up to get or to keep it.

I'm going to watch again tonight ~ and like always, am looking forward to hearing what you all thought about everything.

What about the too sweet female surgeon who wants the position Bailey is up for?




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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #663366"> the more i read about the GA spinoff the more i believe this is signed, sealed & delivered....unless the two hour seet up goes horribly wrong.

i have other spoilers, but not sure how much you guys want to know. here's a link to a place that has some good story line spoilers: http://www.spoilerfix.com/ . enter at your own risk lol.

izzie is getting on my last nerve. i loved her last seaason....this season not so much. i hated what george said to callie when she told him izzie wants him. what neither seem to realize is that izzie only wants him because she can have him....just like with-alex. i want to see george & callie make it.

i loved the family dinner mrideth had with-her father & step mother. i love the actress who place the step mom!! did you know she has six kids???

....and where exactly has alex been living all this time???????

</span> </span> </span>