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    nothing is really typical about Duckie? She has allergies... but an atypical presentation with the hives and swellings. She has cough variant asthma instead of standard asthma. Her strep infection is even unusual. The doctor didn't think she had an infection but decided to test her because she has 4 friends that have been diagnosis'd in a week. Her throat had no white spots, she has cold symptoms and it truly looked viral. But the quick test came back positive. :hammer:

    Why is this? Is this all related? I don't understand why everything presents so differently for her? Has anyone had any experience with this or heard of a possible explanation?
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    In a name.........Travis.

    It started at conception, and all these years later has not stopped. Whenever a doctor says to me, "Oh it could be such and such, but the likeihood of that is rare......." I cringe, because he'll have it.

    I personally think some kids are born to make docs think outside the box and remember they don't have all the answers.
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    My oldest is a bit like that as well. same cough asthma, allergies. My memory is a bit hazy here, but we had one psychiatrist suggest that he might have PANDAs (sort of strep infection in brain that affects behavior) that has no clear treatment. Don't know what that came to mind, but I htink it may be a partial factor explaining my son--not only thing by any means. Just thought I would toss that into the wierd mix...
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    difficult child too. He has had things I never heard of. When they say it is rare for someone his age...he has it. Not so much now, between the ages of 2 - 5 he had everything.
    Mono - put him in the hospital for a week. Walking pneumonia was a yearly occurance... His testicles were infected when he was 2...?????

    Says, it doesn't look like strept = positive
    looks like strept = negative

    He can show no typical signs, symptoms of an illness, yet end up with it.

    No wonder the kid thinks he has everything!
  5. susiestar

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    I was like that as a teen. If they said it was the rare presentation of something I inevitably had it. Like chicken pox. I have had them TWICE and still have NO antibodies so I can STILL get them and the vaccine alone is terribly risky for me. The kids have to have it because if they got it I certainly would. And chicken pox gets worse every time you have it - my last case almost hospitalized me.

    thank you also presents strangely with asthma (cough variant, has only wheezed ONCE in 9 years), the usual treatments don't work but when they try the "old fashioned, out of date" treatments (meaning the ones that are not new and being pushed by the drug cos) they help (the old fashioned treatments).

    Then there was Jessie with her bowel issue. NO symptoms of a blockage at all until she had teh stomach pain, then it was HUGE. It did not respond to miralax, mineral oil, even go lightly (the stuff they clean you out with before surgery or colonoscopy) didn't help. She had to be hospitalized with an old fashioned "mother's wisdom" treatment of milk and molasses.

    So your kids are a reminder to everyone that the new-fangled stuff is not always what it is cracked up to be and that medicine is an art as much as a science.

    I hope she can manage to feel better and avoid some of the problems in the future.
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    Missy has the same type of Asthma...it's a bad cough that won't go away until I use the inhaler and use Nasonex. I suppose it's better than the asthma that knocks the wind right out of her and then can't breathe, right?

    I don't know if it's related or not, but everything with our difficult children appear atypical, right? That's the case with Missy, anyway.
  7. Fran

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    My experience is that some of our kids have atypical nervous systems and react differently than neurotypical kids.

    If most illnesses are on a spectrum then there is typical symptoms then on either end there is a variant. A lot of our kids end up on the far end of the variant.

    Makes caring for a our children when sick a big challenge. Hang in there.
  8. lizanne2

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    I hear you. Both of my children. difficult child can stay healthy for ever. But when it is time to be sick, its weird, unconfortable and doctors aren't sure what Occupational Therapist (OT) do about it!

    My daughter was premie and that has brought on atypical everything, Ithink when you kick start he body too early it just fouls uip the operating system.

    Fran is so right. It does make for a challenge. I hope Duckie feels better.
  9. hearts and roses

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    Yes, easy child was (is still) like that as a baby and toddler especially. She had 8 ear infections within the first year of her life. But she had no fever, no crying, nothing. The only way I knew she had one is because she couldn't poop - really. She couldn't bear down, the pain hurt her ears. That's how I always knew. The Dr thought I was crazy the first few times I made the connection and brought her into his office, but then he began believing it was true. One time I brought her in and BOTH ears were incredibly red and inflamed and she had no fever or crying, and was pooping fine. We were so baffled. She seemed fine, albeit a bit more sleepy than usual. She is still a medical mystery at times.
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    TM I am another that cringes when doctor's say it is a one in a million chance. (now if only I could get that to apply to the lottery! LOL) I am often such an interesting case that doctors frequently run lots and lots of tests on me to the point that I feel like a lab rat. I hate going to the doctor because it often leads to a suggestion of surgery. I have had several but have refused many also. I now decide what tests will be run and what surgeries are necessary and only after all non invasive means have been tried. I have become a very strong advocate for myself and use alternative medicine whenever possible.

    My daughter and grand dauther seem to be following in my tracts with all kinds of mysterious allergic reactions to viruses and other usual things. My Daughter is trying to go green with all her household products but the kids have been sick all winter so she is back to using bleach to disinfect things. -RM
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    Manster too, the same kind of asthma. The immune system and the behavioral component, at least for manster is connected. Just read my sig :)

    Allergies, ear infections, excema and occasional hives: check check check.

    Hugs, ML
  12. Star*

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    Because ......if ANYTHING were typical with Duckie? YOU would most likely suffer some form of excitable stroke yourself....:tongue:. That's what makes our kids OUR kids.
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    Thanks ladies. At least we're in good company. I just can't get past the feeling that there is something obvious being missed...