WHY She Colored the Cat's Tummy - spit warning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 5, 2012.

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    Jess and I were just talking and somehow the incident when she was about 3 or 4 and colored our cat's tummy green wtih a marker came up. For YEARS I have wondered what was going on that made her think it was a good idea to color the cat?? At the time we had gone through the don't color on walls, furniture, etc... but pets never came into it.

    I also have NO idea HOW she got the cat to allow it - she was not scratched at all by him and he wasn't bothered by it except when I washed what I could out. He didn't think much of that.

    So, WHY did she color his belly green?

    It looked like a coloring book so she thought seh was supposed to. This cat had grey and black stripes on his sides, legs, face but his belly and neck were white. Just like the outlines on a coloring book.

    O. M. Word, what a thought process. She told me now because she didn't know I didn't understand why she did it then. she thought it was obvious. You have a white wall, you paint it. You have a coloring book with a white area, you color it. You have a cat with a white belly? You get a marker and turn his white belly green.

    This is VERY much in character with how her mind works. Once she said it I had a total "DUH" go through my head - because it is just so quintessentially Jessiemess. It just is.

    Maybe someday she will tell us how she got the cat to cooperate. he was HER cat though - the rest of us were just to feed him and open the door.
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    You know what, Susie? I am starting to think Jess and I have some stuff in common... because I had a white cat (not albino) when I was a small child and I colored her, too.

    HMMMM. Though I honestly don't know what I was thinking...
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    Really we could all collaborate on a book of these kinds of thoughts etc... i think it would do very well because so many could relate. i can absolutely picture how a cat looks like it needs to be colored...did she stay in the lines? LOL
  4. DaisyFace

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    Oh my goodness! That is hilarious!

    Did she get in trouble at the time? Would she have been in less trouble if you understood her reasoning?
  5. Shari

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    Wasn't it obvious? lol BWAHAHAHA that's funny.

    I used to babysit a little girl.
    We had a white cat that rolled on some sidewalk chalk once, and the little girl discovered the cat colored...so she would always take the chalk to the cat when she was there. lol
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    yes, she did stay in the lines. she was always coordinated that way. Did she get into trouble? not so much really. We mostly worried that the marker might make the cat sick when he licked it during a bath, so we (on vet's advice) used warm wet washclothes to try to get some of it off. She did have to clean up any area he vomited for a week or so, but it didn't seem to bother his tummy at all.

    The logic is clear to me NOW. But we spent YEARS trying to figure out WHY you would color the cat. Just doing it is funny, but we had an older cat a fewe years later that liked "makeup". I used food color markers on her and she was thrilled - how do I know? She would go and get the markers and drag them to me if they were not put up. Or she chewed the ends off and rolled on them. They had no scent or anything, but ths was NOT the cat Jess colored.

    She is going to have some interesting children, in my opinion.
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    I tried those food coloring markers on my dog once after you mentioned them. That dog wasnt amused. Now I have two black and white dogs. Maybe they would be more interested...lol.
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    They need the light colored fur. It may be more of a cat thing, I dont' know. I checked with the vet before I tried them. Our Freckles (cat who wore makeup) adored her makeup, but she had some other quirks too. Like a cockatiel bff. They SLEPT together. Bird would get as close to the cage wires as possible, so did Freckles, and they slept that way for years. Very very odd. Freckles also had a pet mouse in a closet at one point. She was very much unhappy when we got rid of them. they were hers. We moved her into a house iwth boy cats and so she got pet mice to retaliate. Just who she was. She and Wiz shared a birthday - she was actually delivered in our vet's office, taken home by a patient, then the patient couldn't keep her and she ended up at the shelter where I got her. And her records. And had the same vet. She watched over him, he was 1 when we got her. But Jess was her baby. She did some awful things to Wiz, only person she peed on purposely - retaliation for hitting Jess. She bit him for coming too close one day - he had a knife. She loved Wiz like a badly behaved sibling and Jess was her baby, and Goldi the cockatiel was her spouse.

    So janet, don't feel bad your dogs didn't like makeup. Freckles was just not your normal cat. Even in the world of cat weird, she was her own person.

    Capn Morgan isn't impressed. He is more fond of pizza boxes and bread. He has a FIT if we don't have a pizza box to sleep on. Of course we don't often eat out, but sometimes I do pick up a clean new one for him if we are out and about and I have pitched his. Just too yuck to sleep on one that had pizza in it. ICK, in my opinion.

    As for bread. Yuck. we have to keep that locked int he freezer. He likes it like a girlfriend. Yuck. Just recently thank you started leaving the bread out. I explained WHY the bread is put in a plastic container with hard sides in the fridge as soon as you are done getting a piece out. Asked if he wanted to eat a sandwich AFTER Morgan has had "alone time" with the loaf of bread. Never saw the kid turn that shade of red before, and he probably won't ever leave the bread out again. If the thought didn't fix the problem, having MOM explain it to him did!

    Yes, they are odd animals. Only kind we seem to get. They look so NORMAL and then we take them home. And they shed that normal pretty fast. Sigh. Must be husband's influence.
  9. InsaneCdn

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    Kind of like our difficult children???
  10. susiestar

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    No, the wierd kids are my fault mostly. The weird animals are due to husband. He brings out the strange in them. When we met he had a parakeet named condor. Who thought he WAS a condor. After we married I brought my blind cat over. The idiot bird did NOT know he was blind and ATTACKED. It was HILARIOUS.

    Same stupid bird would start screeching at 3 am or so if he went more than 3 days with-o watching Star Wars. It was in the days of vhs but the only copy we had was taped off the tv. The bird would have conversations with R2D2 and C3PO. LONG ones. He also would get onto the nintendo controller and hop or peck the buttons if you were not doing what he thought you should. Have YOU ever tried to play tetris with a bird umping up and down on your hands? very disconcerting, let me tell you.

    I take accountability for the kids, but NOT the pets. Well, except the cats. Which are really kids.