Wish me luck, tomorrows a big dental day for me

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by DammitJanet, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. DammitJanet

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    I am going in tomorrow to get a bunch of teeth pulled.

    I only have 6 bottom teeth and they are all the front bottom ones. They had been doing okay but in the past week or so they suddenly started really hurting me. I thought it was coming from my jaw but I finally realized the pain was originating from the nerves from the front teeth. They have to go. I think I may have to have the 4 upper ones taken too because otherwise they will just hit down onto the bottom gums. They have to come out anyway sometime soon.

    I have already told the dentist I want gas this time because the last time I was in there whatever they put in the shots made me shake and cry even though I didnt want to cry really. I was just extremely nervous but not anymore so than normally. It was a weird experience and having this many taken I want gas. Tony is going with me to drive me home.

    Im scared. Tony got his dentures done about a month ago and they pulled all his teeth and did the impressions that day. Im not doing it that way. I dont heal as easily as he does. Im going to let my mouth heal before I go do impressions.
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    Best wishes and healing to you!
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    Good luck - I'm glad Tony's going with you. Healing first before the impressions is probably a good idea - too much trauma in one day.
  5. buddy

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    That's smart because the shape can change and I don't want you more uncomfortable. I wish I had insurance or some way to get dental help.....gosh I hope you feel well.
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    This must be a dental month or something. I hate dentists because the one I saw as a child was mean and nasty and vicious and didn't believe in giving any real amt of pain medications. He gave you the shot, just not enough medications in it to do anything. I once saw him hit a kid across the face for crying too much. Of course parents were NOT allowed to come to the treatment area. It is why one dentist here hated me, I refused to let my elem school kids go back without me. I didn't interfere, but the kids didn't know if they were being sterile, etc....

    Anyway, I made an appointment iwth a dentist to have my mouth looked at. Every single tooth has to be pulled. most are broken off at the gum level now. Those that are not, hurt often.

    I have to see an oral surgeon to have mine done. I got the guy's name, now I have to get the gumption up to get them done.

    I may need valium to get through this. As a teen my mom had me drive my dad to the dentist one day. She told me to watch to be sure he went in because for 5 yrs he had not gone for a cleaning, flat out refused to go. He went in, to the entry area between the dentist' office and the dr next door. He waited behind a potted tree for me to leave and then walked home!

    The dentist' office called my mom and ratted him out. They also called in a valium rx for two pills, one for the night before, one for that morning, and made him the first appointment of the day so he wuold have no waiting. now he goes for coffee with the dentist. Still doesn't go in like he should, but finally stopped needing the valium.

    The awful dentist I had as a kid? Is the one who made my dad terrifed of dentists too. He was horrible and his hands always shook and his breath reeked of stale coffee and yuck combined. I swear he looked like he never brushed!
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    Good luck! I just had 2 teeth pulled that were abcessed just after Thanksgiving! Novacaine didnt work because of the infection!

    I actually had my impressions done before my they took my upper teeth. I went in on the last day..they pulled the last 4 teeth and popped my denture right in. I had to go back about 6 months later to have my denture relined but I am so glad I had it done! I still have to finish the bottom but I heard bottome dentures are harder to wear. I guess that is what is holding me back.

    Hope everything goes well tomorrow!

  8. cubsgirl

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    Good luck Janet!
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    I'm wishing you the best of luck, the best experience this time around and the best results afterwards too! I am glad you are waiting until you are healed to get the dentures. That is the best way to get it done so the dentures actually are right fitting. You really only get one shot at that and if you don't do it right the first time it's pure torture otherwise and are stuck with not being able to wear them in the end. What would be the point?

    I'm happy for you as well! Not an easy thing to go through nor decision to be made. I know this. Happy that you are actually able to get it done too! (hopefully Star passed my message on and this is result?)

    {hugs and spare ones for you- I hope the weather doesn't interfere with all these plans!}
  10. KTMom91

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    Good luck!
  11. Hound dog

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    Good luck, Janet!

    I say if you can get him to do them all at once, then do it that way and get it over with. If you're like me.......it will take forever to get you back in there for the others, literally.

    First day s u c k s. Second day is not much better. Third day it isn't quite as horrid. And it gets better from there. Follow dentist orders and make sure to take the pain medications and stay ahead of the pain......otherwise the thumping type pain can get to you. (I'm sensitive to head pain/mouth pain)

    Get some jello and pudding. They'll be your best friend for a couple of days. Then you can branch out to mashed potatoes, scrambled eggs, warm (not hot) soups, applesauce ect. Bit later you'll be ready to tackle meatloaf, ground beef.....more substantial foods. Slow and easy.

    My dentist didn't have the gas option.......which I discovered at the last minute. I was not a happy camper. However he swore I'd not feel a thing.....and several bouts of shots later (locals don't work well with me) I finally didn't. He waited until then to get started. I didn't feel anything.

    I'll talk with you about the dentures when you get that far. :) It's an experience, lemme tell ya. lol But it IS worth it in the end. :)

  12. recoveringenabler

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    Good luck. Hopes for a painless, comfortable experience and a very quick healing. Sending good thoughts for your comfort..........
  13. DammitJanet

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    Thanks so much for the good wishes. I will take them with me.

    Dee, Tony was also told the bottoms were harder to keep in but oddly his stay in better than the tops. His suction there is like nothing you have ever seen. He almost doesnt need the glue.

    Tia, Star hasnt said anything to me but I know where she went with her DF, that is the same place Tony went and Im not going there. I refuse. Number one they only do a thin denture that is supposed to only last for a year and you have to go back in a year to get your real permanent denture after that. Medicaid wont pay that way. They only pay for one set every 5 years. Also Tony had to whittle his down from the get go. His werent fitted correctly from the start. They didnt leave room for the several areas in his mouth that made them extremely painful to even attempt to wear. Thankfully he had a dremel here at the house to use.
  14. Hound dog

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    Janet, no denture fits perfectly when you first start using them. A good dentists will tell you that you'll need at least one or two fittings to get them right. And in the meantime he needs you to learn to talk in them and eat with them so you can tell him exactly where the sore spots are......and he'll trim it for you. The fit will be better that way and decrease the chance of you needing any adhesive in the future.

    I have no need for adhesive whatsoever and I eat just about everything now....including nuts. Rarely does something find it's way under the plate.

    The bad part about using a dremel on your own.....you get it too far and you're stuck using the adhesive because it can't be fixed. My dentist doesn't use a dremel on them, he heats them up and does a little trimming......and I do mean little.
  15. DammitJanet

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    I will remember that with mine Lisa. I am hoping to get mine done better and hope mine are of a better material because my first pair have to last me more than the year Tony's are expected to last. Thats why I am not getting mine done where he got his done.