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<span style="color: #FF6666"> </span> <span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'> </span> I am at my wits end this week. Normally I do very well with- the kids but having a hard time this week. Quick background - I'm a single mother of 5 boys ages 5 - 14 1/2. My 11 yr old is diagnosed Bipolar/ADHD. He and the oldest who is full of hormones lately - seem to buttheads over EVERYTHING. When my oldest runs his mouth it only fuels the 11 yr old who keeps on fueling the oldest. They have about come to blows lately. So it is making the house unbearable. The other kids seem depressed/ stressed out over it all which I don't blame them - it's doing the same to me. I am just having an overload!! Any suggestions??? Locking the two in the closet till they work out their problems won't help! Ha ha. I guess I really just needed to let it out... Thanks

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Welcome to the board. :grin:

Teenhood and puberty hormones and difficult children are a volitile situation. My kids used to play off each other, too. Nearly drove me over the edge many times. (which is why I'm so releaved to be nearly done with the teen years :wink: )

I used to do my best to keep my two difficult children seperated most of the time. It helped some. They played so much off each other I wanted to bang their heads together. :rofl:



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Good Morning and welcome,

Welcome to the board! Next time you check back in, please create a profile signature like you see at the bottom of my post. Jus click "my stuff" at the top of the page and follow along....it really helps us identify and get a good idea about your family.

You know, the boys at each other all the time is not unusual even without the difficult child in the mix. My brothers fought constantly!!!!!! And my parents had them share a room!

Do you have an respite from the boys by their dad? Sounds like you could use a weekend off! Any chance you can get that?

Again, glad to have you along the journey with us.


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Welcome! Glad you found us! Wow- five boys with a difficult child thrown in the mix-you must be one busy lady! The other day I had to laugh I heard on the radio about a mom who, when her kids would fight, would make them hold hands on the front porch and scream several times, "I love my sister". Somehow I don't think that would work in this case! I do agree you need some respite. I hope you can find some off. Hugs.

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Popping in to offer you my welcome - I hope we can help you navigate the difficult child journey.

If you can, find time for yourself. It makes all the difference in the world.

Again welcome.