Worried about easy child

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    During her pregnancy with Brandon she had palpitations and tachycardia (high heartrate). She and doctor pushed it off onto not drinking enough water. After Brandon was born I tried to get her to get her heart checked out........because the symptoms continued. She blew it off, was too busy ect. Then with Conner, the newest baby, she had the tacycardia severely through much of the pregnancy. She was also having Afib where the atria of the heart flutter. Drinking water did nothing to relieve the symptoms. So she was put on procardia. After Conner was born the procardia was discontinued.

    easy child was supposed to get her heart checked out once Conner was born. He's a month old and she's made no moves to do so.

    Today she called really upset. She was fine one min the the next had major strobe effects going on in her eyes and she kept trying to black out. Recognizing this is what her patients do when they're heart rate suddenly drops dangerously low.....she got up and literally ran up and down the stairs a few times to force her heart rate back up. She said she felt better......the strobes went away except she can still see them in her peripheral vision.

    This is my RN daughter folks. Who works the cardiac unit for pete;'s sake! And is excellent at what she does.

    Her brilliant newly grad nurse Mom says," So?? Why are you on the phone to me when you should be on the phone to fam doctor or God forbid on the way to the ER?"

    "But calling family doctor or going to ER won't help now, the symptoms have passed." is her brilliant reply.

    Seriously? Honestly, do they ever stop being your kid?? As a nurse with 4 yrs of experience in the cardiac unit she did NOT need me to tell her 1. what was wrong and 2. to get her fanny in to be checked. Yet that is what she did. omg lol And I also quietly bawled her out for not having her heart checked out during this 4 wks she's been on maternity leave with the baby.

    She promised to call fam doctor to at the very least ask him to refer her to the cardiologist. I'm hoping he's told her to get her fanny to the ER to be checked.

    She was supposed to call me back. I haven't heard from her and it's been 4 hrs. I'd be pestering her to death except it's sister in law's day off and he's with her so she's not alone. I'm hoping the no phone call is because she's being checked.

    There is something wrong with this girl's heart. To have such symptoms at 26 is very concerning. Nichole also has concerning heart symptoms which are eerily similar to easy child's.......actually almost identical. So since they have the same fam doctor, been also trying to get them to see him together to get to the bottom of this ****.

    Both girls are very young for such symptoms. Neither girl smokes. Both eat healthy diets and drink plenty of water instead of soda ect. Both get plenty of exercise. I'm worried it may be something congenital that is just now showing up for each of them.

    But both are adults and I can't force them to be proactive and fight to find out what is wrong with them. Frustrating and worrisome. If they were teens we'd be camped out in the cardiologist office until he gave us an answer. ughhh
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    What a stubborn young woman. I'm glad you're on her case about it and I do hope she gets checked out. I hope both girls are okay and its something easy to change to fix this.
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    They never stop being kids.
    I sure hope she's at the dr right now. I'm just shaking my head.
    Hugs to you.
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    I hope she is getting this checked out!! Keeping her in my prayers.
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    Well she didn't get checked yet. She left the fam doctor a message. *rolls eyes* She promises to call him again tomorrow. Sigh
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    She'll wait until it happens again.

    So sorry.
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    Did she call?