worst morning ever

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    Today is school picture day for difficult child. Her BFF came over to "help" with make up - at 6:30am!!. difficult child had asked me the night before if I could give her and BFF a ride to school this morning. Sure. Well... at 7:10 they were ready for their ride. easy child was still getting ready for school. School starts at 8:05 and they go to different schools. So... since I didn't want a melt down (not a pretty site after 30 minutes of make up application) I took them early. She was not pleasant on the way to school. Get home, and easy child realizes that her homework sheet is in her sisters binder. We call her BFF and ask to meet them (as school hasn't started yet and easy child would get a zero on her homework) Made arrangements to meet them. THEN... easy child and I get locked out of the house with out car keys. (Did I mention I had oral surgery yesterday and on pain medications?) So call BFF back and ask them to leave it in the school office. easy child rides her bike to a friend of ours who takes care of our cat when we are out of town to get the spare key. Then easy child and I go to the school to the office and NO PAPER! By now school is almost starting. easy child texts difficult child and asks where she left her paper... and she texts back that she has it in her binder! easy child asks for her to bring it to the office... NO! So I tell the office secretary to call difficult child to the office. easy child texts difficult child before secretary calls her and tells her I am having her called out of class. Guess what... then she asks the teacher if she can take paper to the office! The teacher actually walks across the hallway and gives it to easy child.

    What the ???? After I take her to school early so she can "hang out" when she is all "decked out" she can't have the common decency to drop a paper in the office?? It is a large school and she was just across the hall! Not 4 buildings away! She walked past that office on the way to class.

    I am furious. I hope I calm down before it is time to pick her up. And I did stress to her that I would be picking her up and she would be working on her room. I am tired of all the koi she puts us thru.

    Then, this is what she posted to her FB account this morning: "Stupid idiots if u want to start **** well u picked the wrong person to start it with..." I don't know if this is referring to me... or some classmates. I think going to school early to "hang out with friends" is just a recipe for more drama and disaster. Her mouth is going to get her in trouble. She thinks she has to stick up for her BFF as an xbf and his new girlfriend is trashing her BFF. I have tried to tell her to stay out of other peoples drama... but no... her mouth is going to get her in to trouble and she isn't big enough to keep from getting beaten up. As husband says... "her mouth is going to write a check that her butt can't cash". Hadn't heard it put that way before... but probably is true.

    I wish this day could start over... KSM
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    Oh no!!!!! I've had days/mornings like that. I'd be furious, too.
    I know that the pain and the medications are not helping.
    Any chance you can go back to bed before she gets home?
    I'd be hiding under a rock. (And then maybe I could use the rock to throw ... )
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    Sending you some Calgon......

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    Just got out of the tub after a long bath. Wish I could say it helped... but it didn't really. But, even though I have a stinky attitude... I at least won't smell like it. KSM
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    Hey, it seems like your sense of humor is intact. :bath:
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    LOL, yeah, sometimes we just have to get through it. What a bummer of a day. Hope things are calm at home now....
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    ((((((hugs)))))) and I hope that tonight is much better.
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    well, things were calm for a little while... but then lost it when we told her (and easy child) that we would take them to youth group instead of riding with a friend and her parent. They were leaving early, and we were just sitting down to eat. All we said was we would take them (difficult child and easy child) to the church after we ate. Well difficult child, lost it. there was yelling and screaming and stomping and screeching, and crying. She said she wasn't hungry so why did it matter if she rode with friend instead of us. Then it was... I hate living here. I wish I was dead. etc etc. After the meal (difficult child was upstairs crying) I took easy child to the church... and then came home.

    After she had calmed down enough to talk, she started talking about how much she hates school, has no friends (except BFF) no one to sit with at lunch, etc. I really hurt for her but it is hard to even know what is real and what is overstated. Later, I even asked her if things were are as bad as she expressed and she said she didn't know. She admitted she probably exaggerated parts. Anyway, she is unwilling to talk to the school counselor. Sounds like some girls she knew from 8th grade is calling her ****/*****/b!tch. Another girl wouldn't let her set at the table she had been sitting at at lunch. She has been to the school nurse twice this week with headaches/stomach aches. She isn't even sure if she would tell the therapist we see about all the things she said to me.

    I tried to explain that maybe the girls are a little "put off" by her clothing choices.... that it doesn't look as appropriate as I would prefer. And I am guessing that seeing someone dressed as she was may have given others the little push for making some of the comments. She wore a strapless top with a ribbon that was sewn on the front and tied around the neck. Tight jeans. High heels. oh, and over the top make up. Except for the top (which I had asked her not to wear unless she had a jacket or shirt over it) each thing would have been fine. But the overall effect left a lot to be desired. The high heels were bought for church and dressy school stuff. The jeans look fine with a big top or sweater over them. But all together... yuck.

    Then she complains about never feeling comfortable, always self conscious, etc. Then why would you keep putting tegether horrible outfits? Most girls wear jean shorts that are usually a couple inches above the knees and a tshirt. She picks the shortest and tightest things she can. Then wants to pair them with heels! She is basically a good kid. School is a little bit of a struggle. But socially it has been hard. She is so pretty when she looks more natural. I am not just saying that because she is my granddaughter... she really is beautiful... but her attitude and mood takes away the positive things.

    I will talk to the therapist - but it won't do much good if difficult child won't. KSM