Wow, How they grow up!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by AmyH, Apr 13, 2008.

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    I took difficult child shopping for summer clothes yesterday and just had to stand back and take a deep breath. It seems like yesterday when he depended so much on me. ANd now, well he is really his OWN person. He knew exactly what shirts and shorts he wanted and what brand of shoes. I sure miss the garanimals from wal-mart, those were the cheap days.

    This kid takes more time to pick out a shirt than I do. Then after shopping he want to go to his dads house and show him. He always wants his dad's approval. He was so happy showing off his clothes. Today we went to get his hair cut and there I go again remembering back to his younger day's.

    He is growing so fast. But in so many ways he is way behind others his age. He is very smart, but lacks social skills as I am sure many of you can understand. It is like you spend all these years sheltering, loving, teaching and on and on. And then turn around on day and wow, they don't need you as much.

    This weekend I was really able to enjoy difficult child. He was pretty happy and easy going. Only one major blow up. And when all was said and done he didn't even know why he was mad.

    Anyway, I know this is long, But I was just thinking of how precious it is to hold onto those good times, days, minutes because there little lives grow way to fast.
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    your difficult child and mine are both the same age. I can totally relate about the clothes. Mine is really specific about his "style". When it comes to the hair, I'm the barber!

    It's actually kinda cool to watch them slowly maturing. Every now and then though I wish I had my little cuddle bug back.