Wow! Now that son is older, taking stims is REALLY helping him!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by MidwestMom, Sep 6, 2011.

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    Our pediatrician is really good and Sonic can see him until he is twenty-one because he has special needs so we didn't switch.

    Sonic recently had a cardio workup because he had open heart surgery as a baby. His heart is really healthy...God bless the wonderful cardiologist who did such a good job on an orphaned little boy eighteen years ago...but cardiologist and me talked a long time about Sonic's compulsion to eat nonstop and his obesity. She gave me the ok to ask for stimulants for Sonic because of his attentional problems and said that this would also help him control his out-of-whack eating. So I brought it up to his pediatrician and after talking to cardiologist to make sure it was safe, he put him on a low dose of Vyanese.

    Sonic had always reacted poorly to stimulants as a young 'un. I was nervous. But pediatrician. said stims shouldn't be given to kids under six because they often can not tolerate them. I hear that six is the magic number in other countries and it kind of makes me angry that it is given to kids as young as three in our country. Sonic started stimulants at three. Anyway...

    Sonic is not only cutting his eating (something he badly needs to do if he wants to remain healthy), but he reports that the "rushing" in his head and the obsessing has calmed down. The first two days, he'd come downstairs to tell me how "quiet" he felt. He is not acting like a zombie either. He is doing what he always does and seems alert and is active. I'm very pleased.

    For those of you whose kids didn't do well on stims when they were younger, that doesn't mean they won't help when they are older. The only problem we have had is it gives Sonic headaches so I'm going to call the pediatrician today. Jumper is also on ADHD medications for the school year and she has not reported any side effects at all. Hopefully Vyvanse will help her focus better. If she wants to go to college, things need to turn around for her now.
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    YAY! So glad to hear this is working for him and things are "quieter". How AWESOME!
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    Wow, that's a GREAT report! I am so happy that things are working out for him. It's about time (stims at 3. Sigh.)
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    Yes, my youngest was not able to tolerate stims at all until after puberty kicked in. Now they help a lot.
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    With stims, it seems (per our psychiatrist) that the benefits increase and the side-effects decrease as kids get older.
    We've used them starting early (5 and 6), with reasonable benefits... but benefit increased with puberty, and side-effects are dropping now (less rebound effect, for example).
    As an adult - I have NO side-effects, and couldn't manage without.
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    Great news!