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    I am so ashamed to admit it, but I sometimes hate listening to the sound of difficult child's voice. He can't ever just sit quietly. He has to be talking constantly. I woke him up 20 minutes ago and am already ready to strangle him just to get him to shut up. No, he's not manic, he just can't figure out that sitting quietly is okay. He has opinions about everything and he's bound and determined that he's going to voice them. Most of the time I just tune him out, but then he just amps it up because he wants reactions to what he says. He asks questions and if I tell him I don't know the answer he'll repeat the question until I wind up growling at him.
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    OH go ahead and admit it, you are certainly not alone. (BIG GRIN) I must hear a thousand times a day that Q is sick of my ignoring him but it is just too automatic to tune him out when he is asking the same things or stating the same things over and over and over. I am not being mean, I just actually dont hear the background noise coming out of him sometimes...LOL

    And often it seems so provocative, just looking for an interaction in the totally wrong way.

    I have had contests with Q to see if he can keep his thoughts in his thinking bubble longer than I can...and if he can he wins a prize... I just have to do it sometimes.... my ears start to bleed.
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    lol yes I am happy to hear that someone else does it. Sometimes when he starts in on a topic, I'll ask is this going to be on the final? and let him know that I'm not listening.
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    I found the perfect solution.

    They can yak all they want............

    In their room with the door close.

    No kidding.

    Travis had verbal tics so bad.........and they drove me insane. Non stop talking can be bad, but non stop nonsense sounds can make you want to strangle someone in short order. lol The room was perfect. He could do whatever until he was done and I didn't have to listen to it. :)

    I think it probably saved his life. :rofl:
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    From the day that Wiz learned to talk he did not shut up until he was ten. Then he refused to speak to us. It was a relief for a while, sad as that is. Wiz literally talked ALL NIGHT IN HIS SLEEP. At least your kids go to sleep and stop talking.

    thank you did the all day talking thing and some of the night talking, but was more able to use sensory things rather than talk, once we figured that out.

    There were a LOT of days I thought long and hard about wearing earplugs. Or strangling one of them to get some quiet. At least thank you would shut up in front of Blues Clues for about a year. That was a blessing. We had every Blues Clues video they made. I also was "that mom" who insisted on naptime. My mom FREELY told us as kids that we didn't have to nap but we had to go be quiet in our rooms or she was going to lose her mind. Seemed like good parenting to me, so my kids ALL knew that naptime was GOING TO HAPPEN and I did not care if they slept (but they all actually needed it and even slept 30-45 min after school through most of 1st gr.) but they HAD to be quiet and in their room.

    Wiz gave me a LOT of "Meanest Mommy" awards over that. I still think they are cute. That reaction really confused him, lol.
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    ROFL!!!! Susie..... I woke in the middle of the night (AGAIN) to Quin counting ... I have no idea why...he was talking on and on in his sleep. He used to do this nightly and it seemed connected to his seizures but since the seizure medications have worked he has far less.... but NOT gone...

    I knew exactly who and what was going on in school when he was little becasue he had conversations in his sleep..... LOL...

    yeah, my ears really do feel like they will bleed sometimes... HAHA
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    Is it bad to admit that the main reason I insisted on good manners with my kids is because otherwise I probably would have beaten them senseless? They are glad they know how to behave well in all situations but so many people have made fun of me or called me selfish over it. I just know certain things might cause me to want to eat my young and thought maybe preventing that would be a good thing. Yeah, SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO not Mom of the Year,but that is over-rated too.
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    you are too funny!