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  1. Jena

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    Dr. called radiologists read report and do not feel it is lung disease or lung cancer!!

    i'm soooo sooo happy. can't tell you how worried i was, i was trying to stay positive yet truth is i've smoked since i'm young and more often when stressed and i've been stressed alot past several years.

    so all in all gotta head to pulmonologist once we have insurance which husband and i are applying for this week to take breathing test and get blood work up done to ensure oxygen levels are good, but the specialist totally screwed up bigtime!

    goes to show how u can't trust doctors', doesn't it?? sorry if i worried you guys had no where to go with it and had to vent it to someone.

    i had a great day today, it's crazy when your happy about stuff you already have. and quitting smoking is going pretty well with-o the medications. i'm holding at 5 a day, i'll be tapering down to 4 tmrw. for the next two days.

    we decided we're going to write a letter to the specialist and share with him our thoughts on telling me how i have lung disease, lung cancer and how i'm functioning at 40 percent lung capacity right now, how i'll never run again or be able to do anything strenuous besides care for difficult child :)

    what a total relief. first time i could come on i lost my password to here, had to find it in a stack of papers on my dresser
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    Thank goodness! Keep up the good work and finish quitting smoking... it's the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Super news!!!
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    thanks. i just kept thinking wow if i have to leave difficult child on her own with her dad...........sheesh......... you guys can imagine the conversations husband and i were having. stupid stupid dr.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Wow, Jena, I am so very relieved! And good for you on your efforts to quit!!

    I have to share with you this story from when I was around 22 years old. Exh and I had moved into an old beach house that was basically covered in shade and subsequently mold. April hit so we decided to buy some rakes and clear out the yard. At the same time, I adopted a cat! I am asthmatic and have horrible Spring allergies - in all my difficult child-ness I thought I could overcome both within a week I guess, lol. Anyway, long story short, I ended up in the ER with horrible asthma and the 3rd and very last time, they admitted me because I had passed out and stopped breathing completely. *Side note: Stupid exh drove me himself instead of calling for an ambulance!* Anyway, they assigned me an internal Dr who was local to our new area after a couple of months under his care, he told me that 1) I likely develop lung dsease by 50 years of age and 2) I probably would die from it within a couple of years!!! OMG. I wrote him a scathing letter after receiving his report, which probably wasn't very eloquent given my age and inexperience at the time. I took all my records from the hospital and his office and brought them to my regular dr who lived about 40 miles away. He nearly choked on his false teeth he was laughing so hard at the bad Dr's report. Hahahaha~

    Listen, I'm so glad you got that second opinion!
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    Great news. I hope you keep on with quitting and don't go back. That was a scare and enough to make you want to quit, so JUST DO IT, Girl!!! So, do they know what was ailing you in the end?
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  8. Jena

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    yes doctor's are like anyone else, there are good and bad. those who graduated with honors and those who barely passed the boards lol. we got those doctors i think!! :) that is one ridiculous story also, but scarey and yea often in life i think i'm making a sound decision only to find the deck wasnt' full that day !!!

    Loth - no, their going to do a whole blood work up on me once my insurance kicks in. i originally only went to dr. because joints in my arms, legs and ankles were swelling and my hands. than they turned it into a circus. my dr. thinks it's probably rheumatoid arthritis which is managable. that's a whole lot better assumption than lung cancer or disease. ppl mistake me because majority of time i'm run down looking which is from life with difficult child to be honest. it is what it is, we all know how it goes the stress, the never finding balance or alone time inability to work for some of us. it's a taxing life and if you dont' take care of yourself you wind up looking like a matt truck ran you over :)
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    Good News!!!!! Time for a celebration!