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    I have found this site after an evening of the daily fighting. I felt as though I went farther than ever before (not detrimental, but to me, personally it I said "shut up" and other things that sound tame but are against all I ever wanted to do to my precious difficult child :-( ) After contemplating murder/suicide to save him the stressed out life he's sure to have and my own sanity, I found this haven (please don't be alarmed. Our doctors know of these thoughts I I the only one? You feel as though you'll save them from suffering? I'm paranoid I will die unexpectedly and he will be abused or tortured from wherever he lands)

    So I'm here to meet people and spill my insane guts *sigh*
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    Hi there and welcome to our little corner of the world, even though I'm sorry you have to be here.

    I have a few questions that can help us help you.

    1/Has he ever been evaluated completely for 6-10 hours by a neuropsychologist? If not, who diagnosed him and how do you feel about the diagnosis?

    2/Are there any psychiatric problems or substance abuse issues on EITHER side of the family tree? Even though Dad isn't in the picture, and never was, he passed half his genes to your boy and that will influence him even in his father's absence. Mental illness is hereditary and substance abuse is a big red flag that there is mental illness being self-medicated with booze or drugs.

    3/How was his early development? Did he talk on time, make strong eye contact with everyone, like to be cuddled, play with toys in an appropriate way, ever line toys up or turn lights on and off in fascination? Any quirky behaviors such as lip smacking, making high pitched vocalizations, arm flapping, spacing out while looking at hands, etc? How has he and does he now interact with his same-age peers? Does he understand how to socialize? How does he do in school? What sets him off? Can he transition from one activity to another with minimal problem? ADHD is often a first diagnosis and very often not the last one.

    The more you share, the better we can give you our layperson's advice. If you son has you that tied in knots at his age, I suggest a neuropsychologist evaluation. They are far more intensive then any other sort and will cover all disorders. Pediatricians, educators and regular therapists tend to be poor diagnosticians. It's just not their fields and they often just say it's ADHD.

    Welcome again! :D
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    Glad you found us. This site is so helpful. Sometimes we need advice, and sometimes we just need to vent.

    Very theraputic.

    But, welcome aboard!
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    Glad you found us, you will find much support here. I'm sorry things are so difficult right now. I hope you are finding time to take care of you! It's so important when you have kids like our difficult children. Hugs.