You Know You've Done Your Job When.....................

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by Hound dog, May 16, 2011.

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    Your difficult child gives you lessons in detachment. :rofl:

    Aubrey's birthday has created another situation in transportation. Katie expects us to transport them up to dayton. Not going to happen for the same reasons as the reception. We're taking one car and easy child will not transport them due to how they didn't behave in her car during xmas. So I'm going to have to tell her it's either the two older kids or no one. That's all I can fit.

    Nichole says to me, Mom why didn't you make HER ask easy child? hmmmm

    Then katie contacts me this morning and says someone answered her freecycle ad for a bed and dresser and could we pick it up for her after 2pm. I will say this one irks the hades outta me to begin with. husband and I don't own a truck and there is no way on earth those would fit in the back of his kia The only one who owns a truck is easy child's husband

    I happened to be chatting with Nichole when this message came in. So I relayed it to her.

    Mom, she says, make her ask easy child. You can't transport it. And it's no fair you're getting caught in the middle of this transportation crud.

    And I thought well crud, she's right. Then she pointed out that I've been caught in the middle of katie needing/wanting things from sibs.......asking me which puts me in the middle cuz that means I have to ask them for her. Enough of that crud. She can ask them herself.

    So I mailed her back that her dad and I can't do it, that she'd have to ask easy child but her husband goes to work at that time.

    I haven't told her about the birthday party, that will be this afternoon. I'm not eager to hear the whining and her trying to make me feel guilty over it. Not that I will, but I also am not eager to hear it either.

    Pretty good though when my difficult child is pointing out when I need to step back and detach. lol
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    Yup, you've done well. Pat yourself on the back, hmm?
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    "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ..." Good job, mom!
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    You are an awesome mom!! Nichole's advice to you just proves it.

    Doesn't it drive you crazy when someone asks you to ask someone else something for them? I am currently working to break thank you of this. He and Jess are in the habit of her asking me for things for him. Doesn't work unless he is having knee/foot pain so bad he cannot come to me. that one I know is real and I will go help or if I am mostly asleep will send aleve out to him. Why can people not just ask the person themselves and cut the middle person out of it? I think katie feels intimidated by her sisters so she comes to you thinking that you will "make" them help her. I would think she would KNOW, right down to her bones the way she knows her name and that she is female, that you will NOT do this koi. Except that she has gotten you to do some of it. So Nichole is right to remind you to step out of it.

    Tell the birthday kid that I said happy birthday!!!!
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    Good for both of you! Cory does this to me constantly. He asks me to ask everyone else because he knows he can get me to do his bidding. I have to grow my backbone back. It is much easier when he is gone. I am so much stronger. Now I can do what I want to for him instead of what he tries to needle me into doing.
  6. Shari

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    Go Nichole! lol Too funny.

    And dead right. That's part of my beef with the broom closet. husband just takes stuff from me. husband just takes stuff from them. If they want something of mine, they ask husband. But if I want something from them, I have to ask them, directly and specifically (doesn't happen often). I dont ask them for anything that I ever really needed...the only time in recent past has been for husband or cgfg, and I made them ask. Not playing that game.
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    Yay, Nichole!
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    Oh the glories of siblings.
    Good job on letting them deal with it themselves.