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    difficult child 2 has learned how to take his pants off. Then he pulls himself out of his diaper and pees all over the place. I don't know how to stop this!!! Any ideas would be welcome. Stopping and redircting doesn't work, but because its the only thing I know to do I'll keep at it. Please help.
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    Yucky is right!

    Was it you that we suggested waiting to start potty training until there was interest? If so, I change my vote. I'd bring home some videos and start rewarding any attempts at heading to the bathroom.
  3. Liahona

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    Yep that was me, and I thought waiting was o.k. until he learned to take off his pants. He has even figured out a way around overalls.

    Would potty training stop it or make it worse? Or would it make it worse for awhile and then get better? Right now it only happens a few times a day. Without the diaper, onsie, and overalls I'm worried it would get worse.
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    Ok as I see it you have two choices here.

    Either go all out and potty train him or make the diapers as difficult as possible for him to get off. A or B.

    For potty training the videos, books and I even saw an Elmo that sat on a potty chair and talked at Toys R Us the last time I was there might work. Keep him as naked as possible and filled with liquids and reward like almighty for all good aim.

    For making the diapers difficult to get off, put them on backwards and use duct tape. These new velcro tabs are just asking for a kid to remove them. As amazed as I am with the diapers these days, husband and I were just talking about how easy they would be for a kid to remove them. Heck mine tore off the old tape ones. We had to put those on backwards when they got to be about 18 months old....especially at night or they would surprise us in the mornings. Just put the diaper on backwards, wrap duct tape completely around the diaper and his body. ON THE DIAPER...lol.
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    A friend of mine used duct tape around the diapers to keep them on. Especially at night. LOL It worked for him -- he had twin girls.
  6. SRL

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    I was just going to suggest duct tape. It comes in white!
  7. DammitJanet

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    Ya know...I have been so amazed at the change in diapers in the time from when my youngest was in diapers and now that his baby is in diapers. I obviously havent been around diapers in the meantime because they have advanced by leaps and bounds!

    It used to be that disposables were really bad. They leaked and gapped around the legs. They had tape on them that if you made a mistake when attaching it, well, you either lived with it or used duct tape, or used a new diaper. They were really thick too and still didnt hold much.

    Now these thin little diapers hold much more, have velcro tabs, elastic legs, they hardly ever leak, ohhh I could go on and on!

    Im so impressed...lol.

    I was telling someone else recently...I bet those under 30 dont even know what a diaper service is anymore. Or a cloth diaper...lmao.
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    Sure I know what a cloth diaper is. Its what I stuff in the swap cooler during the winter to stop the air coming in. :wink: We tried cloth diapers with difficult child 2 and his skin wouldn't stand it.

    He doesn't get all the way out of his diaper. He gets his hands in his diaper and pulls a certain part of himself out of the diaper. I'm going to have to potty train. I can't keep him in the layers of clothing required to keep those hands out of the diaper during the summer. He'd have to live in a blanket sleeper with the zipper taped/ saftey pinned shut.

    I don't know if potty training is going to make the problem worse though. Maybe I could find some light weight sleepers. But, I don't have the money to buy him a bunch of new clothes. He is going to be living in the kitchen (no carpet) until potty training is done. I don't want to do this. I don't think anyone looks forward to potty training though. Wish me luck.
  9. totoro

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    Sorry... to bad it isn't nicer weather huh??? Our difficult child 2 takes her clothes off and if we don't get her dressed again she will usually pee on things... but we can usually catch her. difficult child 1 was hard but I think boys tend to be more difficult. Mine don't care but at least they are not trying to do it all over!!!
    Hang in there... :hammer:
  10. mightymouse

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    You could try putting a pair of underwear on over the diaper, just make sure the underwear aren't too big, and you shouldn't have to worry about him getting too hot. If that doesn't work, I second the idea of putting the diaper on backwards and/or using duct tape.

    As far as potty training goes, I am a firm believer in John Rosemond's 3 day, $75 theory. It goes something like this. Bring the child's potty chair into the middle of the room where he is. Remember, children this age have very short attention spans and a potty out of sight is out of mind. Take the diaper or pull-up off the child and put him in underwear, with no other pants. Don't use the 5-ply super absorbant underwear, just regular underwear, and expect accidents. When he pees, it will feel cold, wet, and run down his leg and hopefully he will think it is yucky and uncomfortable. When that happens, don't scold, just say something like, "Uh-oh, you had an accident. You should have peed in the potty, huh? Next time you need to pee, tell me and I'll help you pee in the potty." He will have lots of accidents, but don't give up! It may take longer than 3 days, but unless his developmental issues get in the way, he will get it. The $75 is to have your carpet cleaned once he is trained. This worked on both my kids. My daughter was trained a week before she turned 2 and my difficult child son was 2 yrs 5 mos. Both took about a week. I tried earlier with-my son, but he wanted nothing to do with the underwear and would throw a fit if I tried to put it on him. I kept trying every month or so and all of a sudden, he thought underwear were great! As a side note, in my opinion it is worthless to try to potty train a child who is wearing a diaper or pull-up. They have no reason to quit peeing in it. Just my opinion, for what it's worth.

    Not to discourage you, but while potty training should keep him from peeing everywhere (maybe not) it may increase his facination with his boy parts. Let's hope not and good luck!
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    I don't have any boys, so I don't have much advice for you, other than a really funny story I heard from a friend of mine when she was potty training her son.....

    He didn't have much interest, would rather take himself out of his diaper and pee all over the place "much like you have described in your post". She went and bought him a potty chair, took the seat off so she could teach him to pee standing up and teach him good aim....are you ready for this???? She then filled the bottom of the bowl with about an inch of water and dumped a few cheerios in the potty, and told him to try to hit the cheerios!!!!!! Amazingly enough, it worked, he had so much fun aiming for the cheerios that he WANTED to use the potty instead of going all over the floor!!!! I don't know if you are up for it, and I am not sure how she eventually got him to go without the cheerios, but surely as he gets older this would not be such a problem.

    Good luck!!!!!!
  12. Liahona

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    I asked our peditrician about this and he suggested teaching the socially appropriate bounderies first then potty training. He suggested taping or pinning his shirt to his pants or his sleeper zipper. Then taking it off for a short period of time during the day to teach "no fingers". Hopefully, by the time he figures out how to undo the saftey pins and tape he'll have gotten "no fingers". Right now we're starting out at 15 min.
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    I had a grandson that constantly pulled at and prodded his diapers, including sticking his hands down them (YUCKY), even going as far as trying (a few times) to take them off (BAD, BAD, BAD), but this wise and experienced grandma was one step ahead of him.

    A diaper pin right through the front of his rubber pants, and deep enough to catch his cloth diapers underneath, put an abrupt end to his wandering hands and interest with his pants.

    Dealing with an extra diaper pin at change-time (I'll admit) wasn't the most entertaining, but the remedy to the problem solve was ever so satisfying. (Grandma sporting a smirk, while taking a long drag of her cigarette afterwards, all while admiring her handy-work)! :)

    (Please see my avatar for picture)
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    I have a friend that used to pin an old-fashioned cloth diaper right over top of her sons disposable diaper at nighttime, to keep him from tearing the tapes open.