16 years old son using drugs - Need help!!

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by julie_knapp, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. julie_knapp

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    Recently I found that my son (16 years old) is using drugs. I was shocked to see him using drugs at home. I'm a single mother and I feel guilty over the situation.
    I can't discuss this with anyone as I'm afraid that my ex-husband will come to know about the situation and take my son away from me. What should I do? I haven't talked with my son afterwards. I'm worried about his future. I have researched about this and found that there are treatments for drug addict. I'm not sure if he is addicted to it. But I think I should take him for drug treatment so I have scheduled an appointment from a clinic in Vancouver for next week.
    Has anyone here with similar situation? I would like to hear your experience. Thanks!!
  2. Kathy813

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    Hello and welcome. Many of us have been in this situation. You are not alone.I think that you did the right thing to schedule an appointment with a clinic.

    Could you give us some more information so we can be more helpful? What type of drugs is your son using? How often?

  3. Crayola13

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    It is good that you have him scheduled. The clinic will test him and evaluate, then go from there.
  4. Nancy

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    Very important to know what drug(s) he is using. All of us in this forum have had to deal with this issue. He is young, there are many things you can do to intervene.

    You are not alone.
  5. mof

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    I'm not sure keeping it from his father is best, he will use anywhere. He is young, he will need treatment.

    Your not alone...nor his he.
  6. I am sorry Julie to hear about your son using drugs... We are all here because of similar issues.
    1. What kind of drugs is he using?
    2. How often do you think he is using? Has it become a daily routine?

    Sooner the better that he will have a chance to get his mind off from doing it. My stepson started around 15, 16 and no one really could stop him when he went off to college. I know you are afraid but in my personal opinion, his father should know. It is not your fault. Kids are so exposed to drugs everywhere and they could get it like getting a can of soda at seven eleven.

    You need a team work with your ex to be on top of it right away. The more you wait to see, your son will develop a serious dependency on it and will be extremely hard to get off.

    Kids will always lie when being confronted. He will say it is nothing and he just tried for the first time and will not do it again sort of things to make you not worry. You cannot get sucked into it. You need to be firm, give him rules and most importantly, follow up on what you said. My wife is an enabler who says stuff but never follows up. I spent fortune buying home drug test kits but used only one and all others went into garbage.. Waste of money and stupid for me to even try.

    Just my thoughts as my stepson is dragging the bad habits with enabling mother and as a result, the whole house is a mess. Not only did my stepson ruined his life (so far) he also ruined friendships, his mother's marriage and his step father's life. These drugs destroy everything good and turn everything hell.... Good luck...

    People over here have lots of experience and can help you guide through.
  7. Teriobe

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    If you keep this important issue from his dad, his dad can use that against you also. Its his kid too. He should know in my opinion. If he trys to take him, your son is old enough to tell the judge where he wants to live. You and your ex can get on the same page to help him. If i were the dad and found out my kid went to rehab and i was never told, there would be hell to pay.