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  1. Shari

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    Wee difficult child's school day has been extended now for the next class period, which is "specials" (music, art, pe, etc). The school, however, doesn't have a para free right now to go with him to those classes, so I have been going.
    Today was music and counseling.
    Wee difficult child was late getting to music. Since he has just started back, he obviously doesn't know any of the songs the kids are singing. He was also upset that I screwed up this morning and told him it was PE today instead of music, but he HANDLED it. BUT, he was standing in music, just standing there. He doesn't know the songs or dances, he was upset but in control, and occassionally he would turn to me and lean on me. I would turn him around and he would continue to stand there.
    After a couple songs, the music teacher pulled me aside and told me she didn't have any trouble with difficult child in her class before he stopped coming and she thinks he's just doing the "mom's here/baby thing". She then explained to me that she lives an hour away and has to leave her son ALL DAY LONG. And it will be ok...blah blah blah. Obviously, she has forgotten that her class is the only place he has ever supposedly "attacked" another child...but anyway...While she was talking to me, difficult child was running circles around the risers being the class clown, and those couple of minutes of time to relax was what he needed to get in the groove. After that, he took his place in line and tried to dance along, tho he still didn't know the words. I just had to laugh...I've been thru 3 kids so far, beleive me...if I could drop him there and leave him for 8 hours, I would be on cloud 9! I'm not hanging out there for my health and sanity! Sheesh.
    Then, in counseling, they were talking about career paths and they asked the kids to give examples of people they know in different fields. When they got to business and technology, wee difficult child raised his hand, and when called on, told the teacher that his "mom is a computer geek"! I really could have crawled in a hole on that one!
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    I love being a geek! Why the hole. I would smile proudly.
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    When difficult child was about 7 or 8 he was in a basketball camp. I took him into work with me for a few minutes before I dropped him off. One of the gals I worked with (kinda of a supervisor) was going over what I was doing that day with me. After we stopped talking, difficult child asked her if she was my boss. She replied no, he was just bossy. Very matter of fact like difficult child replied "oh. So is my mom." The whole office was busting up laughing, and I was bright red.

    Not sure if I would rather be a computer geek or bossy. Lol. Sometimes you never know what they are going to say.
  4. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I think geek is a compliment these days -

    But I can see him belting it out -


    Thanks for the laugh. And you walk out of music class leaving your child with the teacher who knows or thinks she knows more than you and you say - an yes, but when he has his moments - I'm goign to say "WEll you know if I come in there we have that Baby/Mom thing going on." GOOD GRIEF.
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    Too funny!
  6. TerryJ2

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    Cute! Hey, being a geek is a valuable commodity these days! Eat it up. :)
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    I figure a geek is better then a freek! Angel once referred to me as a "control freek" to her teacher; when teacher looked to see my reaction - I smiled and said "you've been in enough IEP's with me to know there is at least a little truth to that". Could kind of see the laughter in teachers eyes, but she knew better then to comment or agree.
  8. TerryJ2

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    helpangel, LOL! Good call. :)
  9. Shari

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    I'm pretyt much a freek, too. lol

    When I went to school with difficult child today, they had PE and the kids asked if we could play "geek ball". lol At least they like me being around!