A Good Visit!


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I went to see my son yesterday. I did not want to go. I have been putting distance between us by only accepting 2 calls a week. I had planned on not going at all this month, but decided at the last minute that I would make the hideous 6 hour round trip to sit for 2 hours of painful, and somewhat antagonistic conversation.

I was pleasantly shocked that my son was grateful for my coming to see him. He suggested that we play checkers. I totally stink at even the simplest games. My son laughed at how awful I am at checkers. It was a genuine chuckle. For the 2 hours that we visited, he very patiently taught me the ins and outs of checkers strategy. I complemented him on his patience and his ability to strategize and on what good qualities these are. He absolutely glowed. With the game as a buffer, we spoke of so many things without the usual animosity. It was wonderful and I was truly sad to leave him.

We celebrate the good when we get it. I deserve that and so does he.


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This makes me smile pasa. I needed that today. I'm truly happy that you had such a wonderful visit with your son! Thanks for sharing.


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Pas, I'm so glad you had a good visit with your son this weekend. I did too. Who would ever have thought we could sit and laugh and be relaxed, in these circumstances?

I think it is mainly about us and our changed attitudes. Perhaps it's a vibe in the air---we're more relaxed and not judging so much and so they are more relaxed.

Who knows?

A funny story from difficult child's birthday dinner: We were talking about something, all of us, and difficult child said, well Mom be glad you don't look your age. And I said, wow, I don't? That's good to hear. And he said, well my friends yesterday (the ones I sat with at the McDonald's outside) said they think you are hot. I said, WHAT? Say that again (laughter). He said, they thought you were hot Mom. I said, Wow, that is awesome! I haven't been called hot in a long long time, if ever. And easy child said, Yeah, Mom, you're really something: a bunch of homeless guys think you're hot. And we all burst out laughing.

So...who would have thought we could sit and laugh about something like that. It was a great moment and today I smiled at the memory again.

Like you said, Pas, we gotta take the good times when they come and savor them.

I am glad for the laughter. And hey, they think I'm hot. :wink-very:


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Good for you pas! It is so good to have the good moments. I wish we got more of them and I wish we could trust they would become the norm. Someday........maybe. Either way you get to have todays memories. Hold onto them tight.