A Tale of two Turtles.

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Littleboylost, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Littleboylost

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    A very interesting day. On our dive yesterday and the day before a gentleman and I got chatting. I told him I was in Cozumel last year and was very sick. Contracted pneumonia the day of my Dads funeral and flew out a few days later. I was well enough to do only one dive. It was one of the most spectacular dives we have ever done and at the end the biggest oldest Turtle even the locals have ever seen swam up to our dive group. He was barnacled with a huge crack in his shell. He swam up to me and looked in my eyes. I really felt it was my Dads spirit with that Turtle. I felt he was telling me all was well and he was in a good place.

    He had a tear in his eye. He told me his story. He moved to Mexico from Spain as a young boy. He became heavily involved in drugs. He was a very bad alcoholic and drug addict for many years.

    His X girlfriend pulled him out of a party house after days of binging and missing work. She cleaned him up and took him to his family. They had an intervention and set him up to go to rehab in Mexico City.

    He went to a dive shop took a tank and gear. He went out to the coral reef wall and started to dive. His intention was to dive until he got the Bends passed out and died.

    At about 150-160 feet a huge Turtle came straight to him. old massive barnacled turtle and she swam up and stared in his eyes. He said he was flooded with the will to survive. He began a slow assent and knew he needed to do a safety stop to decompress. The Turtle stayed with him until he was back near the shore. His tank was completely empty when he got on shore again. He went to rehab and has been clean and sober for 16 years now.

    There are angels among us. What a story to share with me. I never mentioned that we had a son with addiction troubles.

    There’s is hope. We need to detach to protect ourselves, and balance our detachment with hope.
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  2. pasajes4

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    This was not a coincidence. You were meant to hear this mans story. What a wonderful gift.
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  3. ForeverSpring

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    Oh, Lost. I believe so strongly in angels, messages from loved ones who have crossed over to the spirit world and their attempts to soothe us. If you felt your dad, it was your dad. I know some posters who don't feel this is true may think we are both wacky, but I have felt my father too. Often. He just passed. I know he is still with me, my grandma too.

    The story you heard was quite amazing.

    I am pulling for your entire family. Your son can do this. Love and prayers and many more angels!
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  4. Littleboylost

    Littleboylost On the road unwanted to travel

    Passa I could not agree more.
  5. Albatross

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    Wow, I have chills!
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  6. Sam3

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  7. New Leaf

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    Awesome LBL, mahalo nui for sharing. I have many encounters with sea creatures that have been signals of hope from beyond our own understanding.
  8. RN0441

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    It's magical and mystical and I have often heard that family members "visit" in the form of birds, butterflies etc. so why not a sea turtle!!
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  9. ForeverSpring

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    They can visit in any form. I think my father came as doves!
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  10. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    How very wonderful and special!