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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Shari, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Shari

    Shari IsItFridayYet?

    I guess there have been 3 incidents where Wee threw rocks at students on the playground.

    So this morning, Ms Principal decides he doesn't get to go to recess with his class anymore. She goes in at 9am and tells him (why then? "because he's calm and doing well, and you talk to these kinds of kids when they are calm" she says, in all her infinite wisdom. "and he understood. I know he understood.")

    She told him he can't go to recess with his class, but he can still get the earned recess at the end of the day wiith the 4th grade class. During his class recess time, he can do an activity, play on the computer, go to the Occupational Therapist (OT) room, etc. He got mad, shoved some chairs around, and then accepted it.

    Til recess time. When it came time for him to not go to recess, he told them he WAS going. And ended with the principal holding him down on the floor.

    The cops were called this time.

    Ironically, it was the chief, who I'd talked to before. And once he saw me, he realized the kid he was dealing with, and he apologized up and down, right and left, and said he should have handled it differently. But again, they didn't tell him Wee was a sped kid...he thought he was responding to a typical kid who blew up.

    So much for the good run.
  2. Jules71

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    Oh no!!! How did the cop handle it? What are you going to do? I CANNOT understand that principal one bit! She makes my blood boil! Poor Wee. I'm so sorry they are being so difficult.

    My difficult child was having problems every day at recess and the Special Education teacher approached him and asked him if he would like to bring a friend and come to her room to play games, etc, during recess. He was able to make the choice and it was not presented to him as a punishment for misbehaving on the playground. What is wrong with that principal???!!
  3. slsh

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    And when was Ms. Principal last trained in therapeutic holds?

    Sigh.... honestly, at this point I'd be sorely tempted to be extremely blunt with her.

    "Dear Ms. Principal,

    Since it is beyond apparent that you have zero interest in providing Wee with appropriate educational services in his home school, and seem to be intent on having him arrested (which of course is never going to happen), what exactly do you see as being the best possible outcome from your point of view? SD must educate him, even if you succeed in one day having him arrested (unless of course you want to try to get my 8-year-old sentenced as an adult), so where *exactly* do you want him educated?

    I'd appreciate if you would expedite this placement, which will provide FAPE in LRE in accordance with IDEA, so that I can minimize the trauma you are inflicting on my son."

    OK, I know... pointless. But good heavens, she is just unbelievable.

    Isn't he supposed to have a para at recess? Where the heck was he/she?
  4. CrazyinVA

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    I might be tempted to call the cops on *her* for assaulting my child. That's what she did, as far as I'm concerned. Not that it'd help your case or that you'd do that.. I'm jus' sayin.

  5. slsh

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    Actually, Crazy, I was just coming back to say that. If she has not been trained in therapeutic holds, it is assault.
  6. shellyd67

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    This woman should not be in the education field, especially not the Principal !
  7. KTMom91

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    Wow...has the principal been trained in therapeutic holds? Because I can tell you now, I have not, and there is NO WAY I would attempt to hold a student down. I would feel horrible if someone got hurt, either the student, me, or a bystander.

    Did anyone bother to reinforce the rule that we don't throw rocks, no matter how mad we get, by talking to him? Did anyone ask him if he could think of a better way to handle the situation?

    I'm so sorry, Shari. As frustrated as I am with this whole mess, it's got to be a million times worse for you. Wee's a good kid, but I'm afraid the school is teaching him some bad behaviors. many hugs for you both.
  8. idohope

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    This is unbeleivable. It seems like the principal could not try harder to instigate problem situations with Wee. It must be so hard for you to send him to that everyday. I hope you are able to find a resolution to this long long road.
  9. tictoc

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    Will Wee get recess back with the full-time para starts??? I certainly hope so.
  10. susiestar

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    Shari, you NEED to get an attorney involved at this point. She is intent on getting Wee arrested and he is NOT at fault really. He cannot process what she means because she is treating him like she would an adult. I would DEMAND to see PROOF that she is trained in therapeutic holds and if she cannot provide this proof you MUST file assault charges on her. It is VERY dangerous to do a restraint if you have not been trained. She can PERMANENTLY harm or even MURDER your son by doing a restraint improperly.

    WTH is happening with his paras? Why is one not with him at recess? That is one of the times a sped kid has the most difficulty and should always have a para!!

    Hugs to you and Wee, this is so out of line I want to go and throttle the principal!!