Another casualty of addiction

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by Kathy813, Aug 23, 2017.

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    No, it is not my daughter (thank goodness). It is my daughter's best friend from high school. The friend spent a lot of time at our house and even went on vacations with us. My daughter recently found out that her friend just started a seven year prison sentence. She will be in jail until 2024.

    The friend's family moved to a neighboring state shortly after high school graduation. My daughter and her friend lost touch and then kept in casual contact through facebook. Her friend had two children and fought a battle against addiction even getting sober for a year.

    Unfortunately, she relapsed and had a DUI. Two months later, she was the driver in a terrible accident in which the passenger was killed. She was charged with another DUI and driving on a suspended license. After the passenger died, more charges were added. I was able to find the newspaper article about the accident. It was big news at the time.

    She is a beautiful 32-year-old woman with two small children who will now spend the next seven years in prison. Her young children will be without their mother during critical development years.

    My daughter is really upset. She said it could easily have been her. She has reached out to the friend's mother on facebook and wants to write her friend to provide support and encouragement.

    I hate addiction.

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    This is the heart ache that addiction brings. It kills not only the addicts and their families, the innocent suffer as well. She will have lot more on her conscience that 7 years in prison. The fact that she took another life is going to weigh very heavy on her soul.

    I am so glad your daughter will reach out to her. She will need an anchor to keep her stable. And one who knows the monster of addiction and it is not the person who is the monster will be able to help her.
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    OMG what a tragic story. So very sad.

    That is why I worry so much about my son. I don't want something tragic to happen for him to "get it".

    Totaling his car did jar him so maybe we'll start to see some REAL progress.

    Wonderful that your daughter can reach out. She can really help them.
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    My oldest daughters SO had a best friend who needed back surgery and became dependent on first opiates, then heroin. He overdosed and died last year leaving behind a beautiful five year old daughter. To say the least, it was very upsetting. Nobody knew he was a heroin addict until his place was inspected afterward. He was 35.
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    So so tragic.
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    It was and shocking too.
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    I'm glad your daughter wants to be supportive. What a tragedy.
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    Awful sad story! I can't see what benefit prison is in this circumstance