Anybody Else Sick for Four Weeks?


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I'm beginning to wonder if there is any end to this. Four weeks ago I was diagnosed with the flu and a sinus infection. The flu symptoms are gone, but this sinus infection won't let up. I started my second round of antibiotics yesterday. I have missed so much work and have never been sick this long. I can't figure out why this won't go away.


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I swear by Oil of Oregano capsules as a preventative or to take with antibiotics if already sick. Take with a little food. Rest, drink lots of water, drink chicken soup, take extra vitamin c , if you can find it get elderberry cough drops from health food store and get and take Oil of Oregano capsules (I like Gaia brand). Your body might need a little extra boost on top of the antibiotic. Feel better!


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Oh Crayola sinus infections can be nasty to kick especially post flu. I hope to you are on the mend soon.

I am asthmatic and if I get the flu I go down hard with pneumonia and sinusitis. I have had to have antibiotics IV to rid myself of post flu infection.

Lots of rest and food. Lots of fluids too.


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Also, for a difficult sinus infection, in my humble opinion , Augmentin is the best antibiotic to take.

Also, "Oregano oil and sinus infections." I wouldn't trust it to cure one after it starts, but my goodness, it's an awesome preventative and can alobgcwith antibiotics, move things along faster.