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Hi, I'm new here, so if I'm not posting to the proper place, I'm sorry. I've been googling for months for info that might help my son. He's 6 and ADHD/severe anxiety (ODD flows out of the anxiety, but he's not really your typical ODD kid).

We've tried different medication trials for a year, and now we are on Risperdal to try to lengthen his fuse. While it seems to have started working about 2 weeks into the trial (my husband and I were actually quite cynical after being on so many failed trials, but when we saw him relax a bit and be a bit happier, we thought we finally found something to help), we noticed in the last two days that he has motor mouth and is just plain loud and goofy. Has anyone else noticed this? We started at .25mg once a day and after one week, we did .25mg twice a day. His improvement came a little after we added the second dose, but just a few days later, he was as argumentative as ever, along with goofy! I saw the same goofiness with Prozac (used for the anxiety) and we discontinued it. Any ideas?


I agree with MWM. It might be a paradoxical reaction. I'd definitely report it to the psychiatrist.

Is he currently on any other medications? What other medications haven't worked out?


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We've tried Prozac, then added Dexedrine to combat the heightened impulsivity. Made him extremely emotional, discontinued both. Tried Luvox, same thing, discontinued. On Strattera for last 6 months. Helps with focusing in class, but changes nothing in terms of outbursts and anxiety. Tried to up Strattera to see if it would help, didn't. Made him sort of out of it, actually. Now we're back down to usual dose, lowest we can get. He just seems so sensitive to medication.


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When Miss KT remembers her Risperdal at night, then forgets her Adderall in the morning, she is LOUD and SILLY and GIGGLES HYSTERICALLY ABOUT NOTHING AT ALL. I've been looking for a volume control button on that kid for almost 17 years...haven't found it yet.


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My son was on Risperdal for a few years, and it worked very well for a while to control his emotional outbursts and reactivity, but we never saw what you are describing. When we see goofiness, it's usually when his stimulant medications have worn off.