Bad INA meeting, oh so bad. Soul weary kind of day.

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    I'm feeling upset and need to vent. Don't have a specific spec. ed. question. Just had a bad day with the school.

    Today was the individual needs assesment meeting to go over what information we need to determine if difficult child is IEP eligible. It was a classic school hustle. No single thing was particularly overt enough to be able to put your thumb on it. Just that uneasy feeling when you know a meeting is being led in a certain direction, where you can sense the agenda and minds already made know, the regular shady stuff you can't gather into tangible evidence for a court but you can see plain as day that they are playing games.


    Of course the law is on my side. The problem is that time is on their side. I can fight and appeal until I am blue in the face. Doesn't mean difficult child will get needed services in a meaningful way when he needs it most. They drag their feet and it is up to me to keep pursuing them relentlessly.

    difficult child is doing well academically right now and they are trying to use that as a reason to rule him ineligible. Great...

    difficult child has a cyclic mood disorder. His current progress is no indicator of ongoing or future academic standing. Being in REMEDIAL math and in jeoporday of not graduating on time is not my idea of academic progress.

    One single solitary quarter of good grades does not negate 10 years of lack of academic progress. Heeelllooooo...........

    Then there is the part where low average on test scores is still average. GREAT. It looks especially good when the school takes it out of context and neglects to mention all the related categories that are well below average. Must be nice to pick and choose test scores to their advantage.

    Guess what everbody it's a miracle. difficult child has stabilized on his medications for 3 months, is currently okay in school so he is cured. Nothing to worry about anymore. He is just fine.


    I'm getting railroaded, again.:faint:

    I would get kicked out of this forum if I said even a fraction of what I'm feeling today. I bet I could make up some new and colorful obscenties too. Plus, I'm sad. Very very sad. Looking back I remember seeing problems with difficult child when he was 18 months old. Started out with early intervention. School after school told us he tested average but he struggled just the same. I set aside portions of my life and my own success so I could shuttle difficult child half an hour away to a charter school (hour round trip for me twice a day) I have missed out on a lot of opportunities in life because I was concentrating on difficult child's needs.

    It's been 14 years since I knew he needed help. 14 years of not knowing who to call, what questions to ask, not knowing how to get help. 14 years of people shrugging their shoulders at me. 14 YEARS. All I want is some basic support set up for him and intervention if he has a slip back again. Won't cost them a thing, just one staff member with 10 minutes to chit chat with difficult child a couple times a week since school talk at home causes outbursts.

    But noooo, I have to make it a legal battle.
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    I hear ya! I don't have the answers but I hear ya!

    Sending ((((hugs)))) and cyber-support.
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    So sorry for all your frustration and heartache, FW :(
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    Just offering understanding hugs.