Bi-polar teen treatment options?????


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Does anyone know a good place to put my bi-polar, defiant, drug using, alcohol drinking, risky sex having, running away 15 tear old girl? I am all out of options at the end of my rope and at the end of my money


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charlotte, welcome aboard. I am sure you will get some support here. I dont know of a place she can go. does she take her medications?? my older sis is bipolar and makes life so much more difficult like lately....because she is too stubborn to take her medications appropriately. sigh.


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she takes her medications, but i think she misses the manic episodes and gets bored. her medications don't work when she's mixing them with gin... and zanex ....and marijuana...and beer....and who knows what else.


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Could you tell us where you are located? That may help us suggest help for you. Have you contacted your local mental health department? They often have access to group homes or placement facilities.

If you can give us a bit more information then maybe we can help.


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In oklahoma. She's been in the phychiatric hospital, through intensive outpatient therapy, she's on 200mg lamictal, 10 mg abilify (anti-anxiety). Right now she is in Texas with her dad. trying to keep her away from all the older people she does all the drugs and alcohol and running off with. I have called around for info on group homes and they all say they can't help because she is too high risk for suicide and she needs to be in a locked down facility. but she doesn't ever get in trouble with the cops, so they won't do anything. i am so worried she's gonna end up dead before she makes it through her teenage years.


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my sis is on a roll of no sleep, gave her beloved dog of 4 yrs to the pound, has her house in an uproar, calling people day and night, threw out her very well behaved son today. I try to help her but she wont let me. she is old enough to know better, age 56. she just gets stubborn about it all.

with your daughter being a juvenile, you may be able to get the social services people involved.
Hi Charlotte.

In my experience, I had to call the police on my older daughter when she ran away in order for her to see how serious I was. It took an awful lot of tough love.

She, too, was a raging bi-polar, sneaking out, promiscuous, stealing my car, doing drugs. Now she is 19, and doing much better.

My thoughts and prayers are with you. Welcome to the board.


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If she is 15 and doing drugs and drinking then she should be in trouble with the police. File charges with the court for a child in need of supervision if you have to to get help in getting her into a place to help her. If people are providing her with drugs and alcohol, call the cops on them. If she stays out past curfew, call her in. Get tough. Take no prisoners. She wont like you but oh well.

Im going to tell you point blank what I would do both as a mother and as a person with this disorder. I would take a no holds barred approach and if it took me having her arrested to stop her behavior then I would do it.


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She was picked up by a deputy last time she went out. and charges filed on the adult who was furnishing the alcohol. The first night she was gone the deputy that came to our house (I called her in as a runaway because she called home and said she wasn't telling me where she was because she'd be home when she felt like it) said "it's a parent problem, I can't help you. She's not a runaway if she calls and lets you know she'll be home when she feels like it." Nice huh? I feel pretty helpless. I try to be tough, but I have 3 other kids and a job. I can't babysit her. The police act like it's no big deal...get over it.. she's being a normal kid...she's not getting in any trouble.
It's not their daughter stumbling around,threatening suicide, cutting herself, and screaming obscenities , is it... I'm frustrated, but not hopeless.


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I think the first priority is getting her off drugs. You really can not do that without her at least trying. Has she found drug friends at dad's yet? Will he be responsible and set limits? Or party with her?


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she has no friends yet. no car. it's summer and he has her locked down right now. but she has to leave the house sometime to go back to school, and I am sure she'll have buddies in no time. it's really going to be up to her to stay away from that stuff. I don't think she will. He definitely won't make it easy for her to do it though. I see a lot of random drug tests in her future. But at this point, I think she needs to be in a controlled environment. We can't provide the kind of structure she needs to stay under control. And she makes such risky decisions. Mixing all kinds of drugs at the same time. being in dangerous places with grown men, drinking. I don't even like to think about what could happen if she keeps it up. Know of any places that we could look into?


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Hi and sorry you are going through all this....please know you are not alone.

Contact your local NAMI(National Alliance on Mental Illness) or one close to you. Someone there should have information on options for in-house care or hosptitals, or some good advice. This is what they specialize in.....If the first person is unable to help you try one of the others.

Ada Pontotoc County AMI Gail Wood
(580)265-9389 74871

Ardmore NAMI Southern Oklahoma Barney Allen
(580)657-4417 73401

Bartlesville NAMI Washington County Inc. Charles Danley
(918) 273-1841 74006

Lawton NAMI Caring Families Leigh Holmes
(580)536-7314 73505

Norman Cleveland County NAMI Terri Horton
(405)701-2078 73071

Oklahoma City NAMI OKC Metro Kathryn Garrity
(405)388-6088 73102

Stillwater NAMI North Central Oklahoma Dianne Puckett 74074

Tulsa NAMI Tulsa Judy Smith
(918)587-6264 74119

Weatherford NAMI Western Oklahoma Wendell Riseley
(580)772-7011 73096

Hugs & Good Luck !!!!


Active Member're kind of in a hard place. If she hasn't broken the's hard to get them involved. They may not do anything until she has incurred enought "points" anyway.

Sending her to dad sounds like at least a start and some respite for you and the sibs.

Will insurance pay for anything?

You might want to call your local state mental health/substance abuse number to see if they can guide you.

The more you call the police, the more of a paper trail you create. At some point in time...they have to do something.


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Charlotte, I'm sending you a private message. Conductdisorders doesn't like specific names of programs to be mentioned on line.


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I am in Stillwater, OK. I know that there are several hospitalization programs. send a private post or an email if you want my experiences with the different ones. :Et me know a bit more about where you are and I can maybe find some of the old lists of placement options. Unfortunately, you have to be court ordered into most of them. But there are a few options.