Bullied at Boy Scouts!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jan 20, 2009.

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    Tyler has Scouts on Tuesdays. husband takes him and stays there with him. Sometimes husband helps with what they are doing and sometimes he has to work on things for his job.

    Tonight the boys worked on a floor puzzle of the US. Then the leader gave them some little (maybe 4 inches) boomerang shaped things to play with while the adults taped the puzzle together so they can finish it next week.

    Well, thank you is the ONLY boy from his class who is in Scouts. And it is his first year in Scouts. The other 3rd grade boys are in the other 2 classes at his school. The boys all gathered around thank you and started poking him all over with the foam flying things.

    While it didn't hurt, thank you couldn't get away from them the way they were gathered around them. husband got him out of that mess and told the leader that they were going home because it seemed to be "Pick on Tyler Night". thank you is now convinced that the other boys hate him and don't want him to be there.

    He has been having so much FUN with Scouts. And this behavior is TOTALLY against what Scouting stands for.

    I am INCENSED. I will be contacting the Den Leader who was more concerned with picking up a puzzle than with stopping the boys from bullying another Scout.

    I know the Pack leader from WAY back (he was friends with my adopted Grandfather, and I took classes from him in college). I plan to contact him also.

    And I will contact the school. They do not have much of an anti-bullying program, and other schools in our district do. These were all boys from thank you's grade at his elementary school. There needs to be some concentrated work on an anti-bullying program during school also.

    Poor guy, you shouldn't leave a Scout Meeting feeling like the other kids HATE you.

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    I am ALSO furious!

    WHen is archery class? ;)
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    Sounds like the supervision was lacking...how many adults does it take to tape a puzzle together?

    Poor kid.
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    Sadly, with this Bear level Scouting Den, each child has a parent that STAYS and often PARTICIPATES with the activities. So almost each child who was bullying thank you had a parent there who was oblivious to what their child was doing.

    My husband was finishing a program for his job (had to get it done by 8 pm, Scouts usually goes until 8 or 8:30) and HE was the ONLY adult who noticed what was going on.

    Poor little guy cried himself to sleep. When he was talking about what happened when he first got home he told me that "at least I have books. I know THEY won't pick on me or hate me."

    And my heart broke.
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    I am so sorry, poor thank you. I worry all the time about bullying because manster is so passive. Last year and the year before (he would have been in 2/3rd grade) I saw a lot of rough housing as the boys stood in line for things. It was hard to watch one kid in particular push and poke at manster who just stood there trying to protect himself. I think the kid was expecting him push and poke back but that isn't comfortable for manster. I guess that's one of the reasons why he prefers hanging out with girls. I hope the other kids apologize!
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    Aw, that broke my heart. Poor kid. Give him hugs from Auntie Big Bad.
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    husband emailed the troop leader this morning. She apparently had QUITE the discussion with the boys, AND she is upset that thank you feels they hate him. She is going to work on that.

    I emailed the school counsellor about this also. She is going to talk to the 3rd grade teachers and students about bullying, and also talk to the principal. And she is sending home a permission slip so thank you can have counselling at school - both group and individual.

    thank you really needs help learning how to join a group, how to interact socially with other boys in a positive manner, etc... He has ALL the intelligence of an Einstein (literally) but socially he has NO CLUE. If medications would help I would insist on a psychiatrist and neuropsychologist exam and all that. But what he needs is social skills help. And the school counsellor if good at that with-o making all the therapist appts we can't pay for right now. (ANd County mental Health wll take a MINIMUM of 18 months for an INTAKE appointment, so that really isn't an option.)
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    Oh, dear. We've always had moms volunteer, too, and everyone was really good about yelling, "Knock it off!" ...which was every 15 seconds.
    I hope it straightens out, because Scouting is a good thing to continue. I wish my difficult child had liked it.