Change is hard

Tanya M

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This really resonates with me. I remember how hard I tried to get my son to "change" and once I realized I had no control over that but could only change myself, well that's when the real work began.
Changing ourselves for the better is not always easy but is so worth all the hard work we put into it.



one day at a time
I so agree. Seeing ourselves in the same light and in the same circumstances---trying to change---is the great equalizer with our DCs.

Once I realized we were just alike...that was a good day.

New Leaf

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Once I realized we were just alike...that was a good day.
I have felt this way too, and have seen the parallel journey I was on with my two with patterns of response to their choices.
Detaching is a multi faceted new journey that has me looking at my own emotional response to their paths. It is hard work to change the way we react, think and feel.......I am grateful to have this forum to share my story, read and respond to others situations. It is a reminder of not only where I have been along the way, but where I would like to be in the future.
Thanks so much all, for your wisdom, kindness and caring. It has helped me see the need to walk that pathway to change, and to take steps to achieve it.
I am truly appreciative and have miles to go.........