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    Hey, all! Haven't been on here in seemingly ages (ok, I guess it's just been a couple of weeks). We had a blast! We had 10 of us in a week-long celebration which included Disneyland (new Cars Racers is awesome!), bowling (whoa....just how many of us slid over the line and onto our backsides laughing too hard?), museums (pretending we are cultured....LOL!), eating entirely too much, and watching a buncha loud football (BCS Championship game -- go Ducks! at the best sports bar ever!) and Seahawks last week at family's house. What a great time!

    However......... our daughter-in-law had an emergency gallbladder surgery. This is usually no big deal, but she hemorrhaged and had to go back into emergency surgery the next day for a bleeder. Fortunately, they located it and she is back home a week later. I spent many hours over the days with her at the hospital. I kept thinking about how much I love her. How much difficult child is missing out on by not knowing his son (our 4-yo grandson). I found myself wondering what would happen if the worst happened (which, it didn't). I spent many hours with her family --- who has embraced us as their family, also. Oh, how I love them! difficult child continues AWOL (absolutely nothing from him since Nov 1). We have adjusted. I was angry at first. I am not now. I miss him at times......but not so much that I want to see him on my doorstep in his current state. Whatever his choices in life, though, I realize the AMAZING thing he did by being in a relationship with our daughter-in-law....for bringing us our beautiful grandson.....for sharing her large family whom we love with us.

    So, my gratitude is that our daughter-in-law is ok. And for all the beauty she has brought into our lives. And, honestly? None of that could've happened without our difficult child. So, by extension, I am reminded of my gratitude for difficult child. I love him and do miss his smile. But know that it's best that we not see him until he is receptive. And I can live with that. Just trust God and go with the flow, ya know? Lots of practice over decades....getting better at it. :)

    Lastly.........OMG! How many watched that Seahawks game? O-M-G! We are in football heaven and planning to have a big blow-out Super Bowl party! GO HAWKS!

    Hoping you're all well. It may take me a bit to catch up with all of your 'hap's. But I'm on it! :D
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    I am so glad you got to have some fun. Thankful you daughter in law is ok. Sad your difficult child isn't in contact. But over all it sounds like you are doing well.

    PS: GO HAWKS!!!
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    Glad you had fun :)

    Yeah, yeah about the It was such a good game...I thought the Packers had it, but they are best at blowing it.

    I will be cheering for Seahwaks and Wisconsinite Russell Wilson in the SB!!!!!!!

    See? You can have a blast even when your grown kid is decomposing. I somehow thought *I* had to suffer too or provide whatever difficult child demanded...but that was before and this is now. Now is what counts!!!!
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    Welcome back!


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    dstc_99 & Cedar -- Thanks so much! And GO HAWKS!

    MWM --- Was that an amazing game or what? The Pack played very, very well and I thought we were goners. But I freely accept miracles (Russell Wilson is my man, too! I have his #3 jersey!). Ya know, I wrote on the GB Packers Facebook page congratulating them on a game well played and that we Seahawks fans knew how surreal the ending was -- and we were very thankful. Told 'em I tipped my hat to GB with much respect (and I do). Then told 'em I am the glad owner of a Packer Cheesehead (which I am!). I just looked at my FB post (because my phone kept dinging incessantly about it!) and see 563 "Likes" and 58 replies from kind and classy Packer Backers. What a great group!

    I love football smack and banter.....but much more than that I prefer sportsmanship at its highest -- love of the game and love of integrity....whatever the final score.

    And I'm not opposed to miracles wherever I may find 'em.........on the football field or in difficult child-dom! :D
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    We share this. My difficult child married the most beautiful woman but sadly decided that was not the life he wanted but out of that I am blessed with 2 wonderful grandchildren. My daughter in law has since remarried and her new husband is so accepting of me and husband. I now have a third "grandchild" she is not mine by blood but I love her just as much. I only wish there was not 2000 miles that separate us.

    So glad you had a wonderful time and that your daughter in law is ok.

    About the football game, well, what can I say, I wanted the Packers to win. Oh well. I will be rooting for the Seahawks to win the superbowl.
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    WELCOME BACK HLM!! I missed you.

    I'm so happy you had such a good time. And, wow, so glad your daughter in law is okay.

    Your perceptions are so refreshing and light and airy, it makes me smile to read them. I love how you have moved through the struggles with your son and come out recognizing the beauty around you, how much there is to be grateful for and how much fun there is to have in life. You are an inspiration!

    The choice is always ours isn't it HLM? To be so unhappy in life with the circumstances we are facing.........or to recognize that in this very moment, we can choose to feel the gratitude and see the beauty and feel the love.......and that can shift all of it. It really is true that what you focus on expands. I was SO the guy focusing on what wasn't working, and of course, having a difficult child can keep you there for a very long time..........but I am grateful every minute that I learned that I can move out of that myself, that it really is a choice, that I have the power to change it...........what a revelation!!

    I'm down with the flu right now, but as I recover laying on my comfy couch, I feel so grateful for all that's happened in the last few years, all the pain and all the struggles with my daughter have brought me to a new and exciting place in life.........a springboard for a whole new journey.

    Perfect MWM. Now is what counts and now is pretty darn good.

    Good to 'see' you HLM, glad you're back.
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    Nobody I know expected the Packers to win. We just hoped to stay Without Rodgers 100%...and I won't even go into the idiocy of our coaching staff (they should all be fired tomorrow), we may actually get to the SB again if we start over with our coaches. However, I don't see the coaches and their stupid decisions going anywhere soon. It WAS a great game. My heart melted when Russell was interviewed crying without shame, what a sweetie. I love him. I really do. I will be cheering for the SH's big time on SB Sunday.

    I am uber-glad you got your life back and that you have a wonderful daughter (in law, who is like a daughter) and an amazing grandchild. I'm glad thinks are going your way and your post sounds so happy. It made me smile.

    Keep it up. Life is for enjoying!!!!! :)
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    Tanya M --- Yes, we do share the grandchildren scenario in common! I actually have 4 grandchildren via our daughter in law. 1 of them is the bio son of our adopted son. But daughter in law's siblings (5 altogether) are so, so, SO awesome that they have openly invited us to play "Nana and Pappy" to all 4 of the siblings' kids. Love that! We gladly accept! I guess we're still learning what we're all calling each other. The oldest (our son's son - age 4) calls us "Nana and Pappy". The second oldest (daughter in law's sister's son -- age 3) just called us "Grandma and Grandpa" this summer. The other 2 "grands" are just 7 months old (born within 2 weeks of each other), so they don't call us anything yet! LOL! But it's all a work in progress, so we're just going with the flow. We have grown very, very close with daughter in law's family and, even, close with her boyfriend of 2+ years (surprised they haven't gotten married yet). They're all very good, solid people and we are thankful for every one of them!

    Tanya M, it sounds like you get along so very well with your daughter in law and her new husband, too. But they live 2,000 miles away? Oh, that must be very hard at times. We don't see ours daily, but we could if need be........they only live about 20 miles away. How often do you get to see them?

    RE --- Thank you so much for the welcome back! Yes, indeed, the choice is always ours. Even when it's difficult or we don't want that power. Thing is, we still have the power, no matter how uncomfortable we may be with that at times. I always appreciate reminders (even when I don't appreciate 'em.......because sooner or later the brick will hit my head and I'll have that V-8 moment.... "D'oh!").

    RE --- Did you ship your flu to me? I've had it for the last few days (still have it, but have turned the corner this morning!). I love your posts, too...... You're constantly opening new doors (is this hallway long or what?) and I like your view when stepping over that threshhold! :D

    MWM & Tanya M ---- We expected a close game with the Packers. The Pack is always tough! Lacy and Matthews are power hitters (on offense and defense). Sometimes they boggle my mind. I can honestly say that with 4-min left in the game and us down by 2 scores, I was pretty sure it was time to stick a fork in us -- done. I still can't believe that finish. Ya know, I echo your sentiments, MWM, about some questionable play-calling. I mean, twice the Packers were inside the 2-yd line and opted for FG, not TD attempt. Even when it's costly, I like it when a team goes BIG. I heard several of my Packers buddies saying the same thing you did about the coaching.

    Football Side Notes ---- I've now heard 3 of 4 teams being questioned for cheating (everyone except the Colts). Patriots (deflating balls), Packers (throwing the game intentionally), Seahawks (letting the Packers throw it intentionally). I'm not a fan of Belichick, but I don't want to leap to conclusions. However, if the Pat's "deflated" intentionally, I think the Colts should be going to the SB.

    Last Football Note ---- Perplexing....... Remember I said I wrote a nice note to the GB Packers FB page? I did. Approx 700 "Liked" it and 60+ replied very kindly and were downright classy. Every Packers fan I know personally has been very classy. However..........seems there's always one......... I received a private FB message from a Packers fan (no one I know) absolutely lambasting me with expletives and name-calling and........odd accusations? I have NO idea what she was getting at. I scratched my head (no way I'm gonna reply to that) and just thought, "What the heck? Who does that?" Ohhhhhhhhhh.........maybe she's a difficult child! :D
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    thank you. I needed that laugh today. It's been a hum-drum day and this made me burst into laughter. I mean, one of my dogs gave me an odd look and the other barked at my laughing, but I couldn't stop.

    Hon, why would Green Bay throw the game on purpose? Can't wait to hear the theory!!!! lol.

    Also, the Packers are KINGS of losing games that should have been won or making the games close even if they are 50 points ahead. I mean, this is not new to Packer fans :) As soon as Pete Carroll did his clever kicker throws a touchdown (or whoever did it), something my husband told me before the game that they always do and that nobody is ever ready for it...I said to him, "Well, that's it." They won that game fair and square.

    The loser Packer fan had no right to bash you. What a lack of maturity and grace. I say the Seahawks won. Great game. Russell Wilson played college football here and he is such a great kid. I'm Seahawks all the way for the SB. I really hate the Patriots and really don't mind the Seahawks (and love Russ) when they aren't playing the Pack. The two best teams are playing each other. May the best team (Seahawks) win ;)

    I'd love cheater Brady's arrogant smile wiped off his face.
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    MWM -- Exactly! LOL! Cheating rumors generally give me a giggle, too. I'm a believer in "Innocent until proven guilty". I don't think either Packers or Seahawks cheated. As for Patriots? I'll let the investigation continue and let them conclude. Ya know, I didn't even ask my friend details about the theory she'd heard about GB cheating. I found it too lucidrous.

    Totally agree with you about Pete Carroll (whose coaching style I absolutely love!). I like a team that mixes it up and doesn't play conservatively (within reason). I used to have a problem with Seahawks' coach Holmgren because he made the same kinds of calls GB's coach made (I can't think of GB's Head Coach's name right now). Carroll has used that same kicker (Ryan) for similar plays a few times -- usually with success. That's thinking outside the box! Side Note: The Rams absolutely nailed the Seahawks earlier this year with a trick play to win the game. Gotta respect that!

    Re: Russell Wilson...... Yep, I know about his WI (and NC) college days. And his VA youth. And his prep relationship with his father. And how he visits Seattle's Children's Hospital every Tuesday to see sick kids. I sometimes contemplate sneaking in there on a Tuesday! LOL! Hey, I'm 4'11"...........I could pass for a kid, don'tchya think? Hahahaaa! Seriously, though, I love everything "Russell"....his style, his grace, his integrity, his never-say-die attitude. I love many Seahawks, but Russell is my man! (hence, his jersey).

    MWM --- Are the Packers your top team? If so, do you have a favorite Packer player?

    But, alas, we digress into football so easily in post-season! Thanks for the fun football banter, MWM! GO HAWKS! :D
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    HLM, yes, I love the Packers first. I don't like how Ted Thompson, the General Manager, picks his coaches and I don't like our coaches, but I love the packers and Sunday all football season long is watching football games. Believe it or not, I did not like Favre. Ever. He scared me with his wild cowboy throws into triple coverage and all of his interceptions. I love Aaron Rodgers for his humility and brains and "never give up" attitude. I think HE should call all the He calls a lot of them, but not going for a TD on the half yard line was Mike McCarthy (our idiot coach). I also love Clay Matthews and Eddie Lacy, even though I do think he a bit overrated. Aside from the Packers, I have favorite teams and players, like Indianapolis (although I think Luck is a young Favre and feel he is overrated), Seattle as long as Russ (yes, I know about his good character and wonderful work with sick kids) is on the team. He's a keeper. I am a big Peyton Manning fan and hated to see his game go down the way it did. Looks to me like he should retire.

    Now for my I Hate 'Em It's longer: NE Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, NY Jets and Gians, MN Vikings, Chicago Bears, Detroit Lions and always saving best for last...Dallas I can't stand their owner. He makes me sick. I also get tired at how much publicity the East coast teams get even when they aren't good, especially New York teams in all sports. They act like everyone loves NY teams. We don' Oh, yeah. This year I was cheering for KC too! I love when smaller market teams have good years!

    My least favorite player? Tom Brady. But even I have to admit, he is hot. And he knows it too.
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    MWM -- Thanks for the insight into Packer-dom. You're definitely a Packer Backer (love that name)! I was unaware the Pack had lost so many games, despite such large leads. Completely oblivious. But I, like you, did question why they kicked the FG from inside the 10, rather than go for the TD. Shoot, even if Seahawks took it over on our own 2, there's a good probability some points could be scored.

    As an Oregon Duck, I labored under the misconception that Clay Matthews was a Duck. Wrong! It's his brother (Casey Matthews - Eagles) who is the Duck. Matthews is an animal out there -- power player.

    You're not so impressed with Lacy? Why not? I like Peyton Manning a lot, too. Also like Eli Manning. I like Luck and the Colts quite a bit, also. And, of course, as a Duck, we are now big Eagles fans (under Chip Kelly). Saw Nick Foles play in college (UA vs Ducks) and he was something else. And, now I'm really going to make you scream out loud (and freak out your poor bewildered dog! LOL!) ready? I am a life-long fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers! From Bradshaw to Big Ben, from Chuck Knoll to Mike Tomlin........and every QB and coach in-between. The Steelers existed long before the Seahawks did. I fell in love with the Steelers when I was 10 and the Seahawks weren't born until I was 16. But I can love several teams at once............of course, claiming these Seahawks as my #1. But it wasn't always that way. :D

    Players and teams I dislike? Well, my list is a lot shorter than yours. LOL! But I'm not a Patriots fan (although, Brady is definitely easy on the eyes and has a talent! It's Belichick I struggle with). I'm not a fan of Jerry Jones, either. Kinda feel bad for Romo (he and Philip Rivers keep choking later in the season). Not a big Raiders fan, either. Long history there. As kids, I loved the Steelers and my brother loved the Raiders. So, of course..............we were mortal enemies! LOLOL! (my brother's a great guy!)

    Last comment, then I've really gotta go......... When I was a kid, I remember every weekend we'd watch Pat Summerall narrating those slow-motion football highlights to gladiator music! Remember that?

    Fun banter, MWM.........catch ya later!