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    Another blatant grandma brag here! My son and I drove down to Charleston to spend Christmas with my daughter, sister in law and Ethan, the Munchkin. We had such a good time! He's 20 months old now and in to everything, just full of mischief! Tell him "No" about something and he will be determined to see how many more times he can do it before he really gets in to trouble! He hasn't even hit the "terrible twos" yet! And how come you just think it's funny when your grandchild does the same things that drove you up the wall when your own kids did it?

    Between his "Santa" stuff, all the things that my son and I brought for him, and all the loot he collected from his dad's family, he actually got tired and bored with opening Christmas presents!
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    What a cutie! Thanks for sharing!
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    I can't believe he is that big already. Seems like it was just a couple of months ago he was a baby! Darling pictures. I'm so glad you were able to share the holiday. Did it snow when you were there? My sister tells me it snowed all the way to the
    coast. DDD
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    DDD, it started snowing in Charleston just as we were leaving that Sunday morning and my daughter said it snowed all day long there but never did stick on the ground. Very unusual for Charleston to snow that much. It snowed on us all the way back to Tennessee and quit right before we got home. We stopped at a few gas stations where the pavement was icy but the roads were fairly clear except for going through the higher elevations in the Smokies and that got a little scary - traffic was going 15 mph. If my son hadn't had to go to work on Monday, I would have been pulling in at a motel and staying there till it was all over with! I DO NOT drive in the snow and ice! I learned to drive in Florida where they taught us things like how not to get your car stuck on the beach when the tide comes in! I remember taking drivers ed in school and when we got to the chapter about driving in ice and snow, the instructor skipped right over that part - said we'd probably never need to know all that!