Circle of support please for Bette, tpc mom


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Bette has recently lost her son Tim. her son Joe is having a hearing tomorrow. Please keep her and Joe in your prayers tonight so that the judge gives Joe leniency at this hard time. Please also God, wrap Bette in your arms of comfort and trust. Give her a sense of peace and make her know you are there.
stretching my arms from pgh to philly to hang onto Bette~~~~~~~
Sending prayers of strength and comfort from the city of Big Shoulders to the City of Brotherly Love. May God keep Bette and her family in His graces.

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Praying hard the atty knows his stuff, and that difficult child will seek out the help he needs. You are in my thoughts and my prayers.

Hang in there. :angel:



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I'm joining the circle with outreached arms from Florida to ???

Sending prayers and comforting thoughts. DDD

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All the way up here in Boston I can feel the strength all the way up north. We are here for you, I will pray for your family in this difficult time, my heart goes out to you.

from South Carolina - sending prayers for Gods will to be done - He will get you through anything that happens good or not so good. I am a survivor of that happening. Good Luck Let us know! :angel: