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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by cabletvl, May 6, 2008.

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    Just when I thought things were improving slightly last week, things have turned around again. I had surgery for a detached retina recently and cannot drive. An old friend has been coming by daily to run errands, bring dinner etc. and difficult child has decided that this person is taking attention away from him. He is extremely rude, interrupts conversations and says the most inappropriate things. When I talk to difficult child about this he said he will continue this behavior and worse so the friend will not come back anymore. I sent him up to his room today and he punched the wall. This is the first time he has ever shown any anger. Usually he just smurks or laughs at us when corrected.

    He argues with everyone starting with the bus driver in the morning, all his teachers and then me when he gets home. He has always been non-compliant but this seems likes its more frequently. Could it be hormones? He will be 14 in August. Any suggestions?
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    Could be hormones. Could be difficult child-ness. What's his diagnosis? Is he on any medications?

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    I have the same comment as gvcmom. I think we need to be more familiar with the specifics (his diagnosis, any medications, family history, etc). You know, with hundreds of members, it's difficult at times to remember the story behind those who have recently arrived. Doing a profile signature really helps.

    Without knowing the whole story, I would say that it is a combo of puberty, a little fear that his mom had surgery, a change in the routine, and probably just part of his diagnosis. Many of our children melt a little when things change from the norm.

    Hope the surgery is successful and things settle soon.