Court 02/02/2012

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  1. Jody

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    I have to go to court on Feb. 2nd regarding difficult child coming home from foster care. She has been requested to be at the courthouse also. Things have been going pretty good. This was one of the best weekends yet. She was recently taken off some of her medication, the abilify and the trileptal. She now only takes, adderral xr and wellbuterin. I have such mixed feelings. I want her to come home but am scared to death that it will go badly. She was having chest pains from the trileptal, and the abilify was causing such a weight gain that they took her off of it. I was having a lot of health issues when she went into care and that has gotten better, thank goodness, but I can't handle stress like I did before. My mind just does some kind of shut down. I think they will return her home soon and I hope that I can be strong enough mentally to handle it.
  2. southermama3

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    I hope that everything works out for you. I cannot imagine what you've been through but I know a's a mother how I would feel if it were my child.
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    Here's hoping that Court goes well. I haven't been there done that but I'm sure it is causing concern and anxiety since there is really no way to "know" what the end result may be. So glad that you are feeing better. Hugs DDD
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    Just sending hugs to u and praying for u. Rabbit
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    I can imagine it is a kind of a good/scary thing.... Hope it all goes well. Let us know okay?
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    If they want to send her home, ask for a gradual reintroduction period. Maybe have her with you during the school week, back to the foster home on the weekends, then add in a bit of time every few weeks.