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    We went to court again on the 18th. The court has ordered that

    #1)he has get a different counsler, because C said he doesn't like the one he has. He never had a bad thing to say about her until we were at court---in fact he always had good things to say. I told them that, but they said C would not lie about that to them. The counsler is making the refferal(sp?) & also refferring him to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) through the insurance company. She doesn't know if it'll go through, but she's going to try.

    #2)We have to go through the family stability program again. It didn't do any good last time, but I'm willing to try again, maybe they will have some new ideas this time. If they want us to do family coach though I will argue it. That caused all kinds of problems & was absolutely awful.

    #3)There is to be NO violence from anybody who lives in the home. C is the only one who has issues with violence, but alright. We had to call the police that night because C was throwing the mashed potato pan at K, it missed her & bounced off the counter & hit T in the foot. He had shoes on so no damage. C was screaming that he was going to hurt K & T, & make it so they couldn't eat & would starve. All the police could do was tell me to call his P.O. in the morning. I did that, but have not heard back.

    #4)He has to get a psycological evaluation done by the Dr. of their choice. It's not a nuero psychiatric, but at least it's an evaluation.

    #5)He is still on house arrest with the same rules.

    #6)We go back to court on Jan. 4th.

    We had the LAT meeting at school, but they didn't have anything new to say that we haven't already discussed. I don't know how long it will take to get an IEP, but that is where we're supposed to be heading. It was so easy to get T's IEP. I signed a paper & he had an IEP. His is just for speach, so maybe that's why it was so much easier?
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    Sending supportive thoughts your way. Anyone in the "system"
    can use LOTS of hugs just for surviving the experience. DDD
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    They're locking down an eleven year old like he's a desperate criminal???? Okieeeeeeeee.
    As for an IEP, yes, you're right. Speech help doesn't cost the district much money, but the supports this son needs are likely expensive for the district and you may have to fight hard. I recommend hiring a FREE advocate. Call your State Dept. of Public Education to ask for the free advocate for your area.
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    I will keep my fingers crossed that there is a positive end result in terms of support for you guys. Sounds like the family is being put through a lot. It can't be pleasant.

    What is the school doing right now? Are they performing evaluations to develop IEP? There is a timeline involved - if you think they're dragging their feet, you might want to check in over in Sped 101 to get Martie and Sheila's expertise.

    Hang in there!