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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by mom_to_3, May 26, 2009.

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    We had court last week regarding the custody of our grandson. The judge decided that he should live with his mother. He had been with his father previous to this CPS episode. It will be a monitored return and CPS and the CASA worker will be monitoring our difficult child and grandson regularly. Yay!

    My husband and I asked for court ordered visitation once every two months. The judge ordered monthly visitation for us Fri. @ 6 - Sun. @ 6. I was very happy for that as I know there are no grandparent rights in our state. I assume that because we have been so involved in his life and he has lived with us for almost a year, the judge granted this.

    Our grandson has come a long way since he came to us, for the better. His behavior at home, school and after school care is very good. He excels at school academically and he is a sweet loving little boy. He is my "protector"! :) We are going to miss him not being here everyday, but I really would like for things to work out for him at his mother's house.

    His mother was very, very happy that she was granted custody. I pray that she is able to and can rise to the occasion of being a good mother to her son.
  2. everywoman

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    Here's hoping that his mother can step up to the plate and you can go back to the role of grandparents again.
  3. witzend

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    I'm glad to hear the good news. I hope that he will do well. :)
  4. Star*

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    I hope this is the beginning of a lot of very good memories for you all.

    You are a very rare set of grandparents! I'm sure he'll carry that with him in everything he does.

  5. Suz

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    Sending all good thoughts that your daughter can continue to parent him with the kindness, love, and intelligence you and your husband have.

  6. Fran

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    Sending good thoughts for the little guy. Glad he has grandparents who care about him.
  7. Hound dog

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    I'm praying for a wonderful outcome for all of you. Sounds like you had a judge with a head on his shoulders. :)

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    Finally a court order that takes all things into consideration. I truly hope that this is the last time that little guy's life is turned upside down. -RM
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    Fingers crossed. How wonderful it will be if his time with you has just fortified his sense of safety and love. DDD

    by the way, does he know your phone number by heart?
  10. DDD

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    Fingers crossed that his time with you has reinforced his sense of safety and love so that his Mom can feed off the positive. DDD

    PS: Does he know your phone number by heart?