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difficult child, wife and baby have moved out of town to start a new life. Well we would all think that is great, even if it is the 7th time, but who is counting?lol. Anyway he has moved back to our hometown. The place he not only said he would never return to, but the one he lived in with his ex, and children that he had taken away from him by SS. That is right, so we are all worried that history will repeat itself, but what is sad is that he now is married, and he may bring down a second family. She started working, he is not, and he has hooked up with old friends, not that they were the cause of his problem, it is a pattern he is beginning to set. Not intervening but you get what I am thinking.

This time though he gets this lighthouse for my mother in law that loves them. She places it in her small carryout/ restaraunt place. He tells her he got it at a garage sell, tells me he bought it from this guy that had it in his yard, and makes them. A few days later my sister in law and brother in law notices in the Daily Docket that a lighthouse is missing, then sees the one my difficult child got my mother in law. They do not know my difficult child's history, and there was no description of the lighthouse, but they take it upon themselves to call this police station enquiring about it, talks to the owner, gets the description of it and then takes it back to the rightful owner. What is difficult child of mine thinking, and wanting to jepeordize, why should my sister in law and brother in law that has a record of his own bother to call the police, and involve themselves in it? I ran across sister in law in the store while in town, she tells, me the story, and says"We were going to call you about it", my reply was,"difficult child is all grown up, and you need to talk with him esp. since you pursued this in the first place".



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Well, Jen, it sounds like he needn't apply for a job as a rocket
scientist! LOL!

Sorry......but how absurd is that? You're right it's a "new one"
for sure.

Thank heavens you have improved detachment skills. It can drive
you crazy going up and down the roller coaster with them! DDD


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OMG...are you telling us that your son stole a lighthouse and then gave it to your mother in law? Then your brother and sister in law called the cops and turned it in? How absolutely hysterical! What a difficult child thing to do!

I could almost see a young high school kid stealing another high schools mascot and putting it on the schools roof as a prank but this is a grown man for gosh sakes!

Good for your in laws. Maybe he will learn something.


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Oh honestly, Jen. It just makes you want to scream, doesn't it?

sheesh. :grrr:



Hi Jen,
your difficult child sounds like my difficult child's boyfriend--I could imagine him doing that! One of the ironic things about this group that I just love is that any one of our difficult children could be involved with someone else's difficult child! When the moms of the guys post I think, "wow, he sounds like someone Emily would have for a boyfriend." Then when they write about their kooky girlfriends I think "wow, that sounds like Emily!" And isn't it great that your kid is the one other parents don't want associating with their kids? I have actually told parents that if I were them I wouldn't let their kid hang around with mine.

Keep us updated, Jen and great detaching skills!