difficult child 1's ard meeting

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    I just got off the phone with the school. difficult child has been wriitten up 14 times this year. He is getting regular counsling 2x for 20 min. And getting more counsling 3x for 30 min within a 6 weeks time.

    They want me and husband to come in for 2 30min counsling class to help us come with difficult child. I do not have a problem with this. They are continuing to do more testing on him. I am glad that he is in a school that is taking a part in his disability.

    I have to get him into physotherpy, The diagnostion gave me 3 referals so I am going to call today to see if I can get him and I think I will get difficult child 2 in also. I am dealing with all 3 kids today:faint:, husband over sleep and they missed the bus and when he was taking them to school the hood blew up on my car and shattered my windshield:sad-very:. I am so lucky lol

    Well I just wanted to let yawl know what is going on.
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    The counseling sounds like it will work great for you difficult child and hopefully their testing will shed some light of what is going on. The counseling with you and your hubby with difficult child sounds good too because they can give you
    ideas of what to carry on further on the home front.

    Sorry the kids missed their bus and the car problem occurred. Seems like when it rains it pours! I hope things start turning around for the better soon for you!

    Critter Lover
  3. weenie1

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    I am hoping that things turn around. It seems like when it starts looking up there is something else goes wrong. I am going to call the phy counseler in just a minute I will let yawl know.
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    How aeful that your windshield was broken. Hope tomorrow is a better day and the counseling sounds good.