difficult child 2's Social Studies teacher picked the wrong day to mess with me.

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    difficult child 2 came home today looking dejected. He said he'd tried to turn in a late assignment today after school and his social studies teacher intially refused to take it, stating his 4th quarter policy of no late assignments. When difficult child 2 cited his IEP which allows him extra time and up to 1 week turning in late for FULL credit, he said the teacher mumbled something about the case manager not being able to dictate his classroom rules, and then asked difficult child 2 if he thought it was fair for him to be able to turn his work in late when everyone else has to turn theirs in on time.

    Seriously? Does he realize I have PMS today? :rofl:

    So here's my email (I had husband read it before I clicked "SEND" just to be safe) -- I cc'd difficult child 2's case manager, the principal (I'm playing hardball, can you tell?), and husband:

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    I love your email!!!

    I wonder if Mr. Social Studies Teacher thinks it would be fair for difficult child to have a meltdown in his classroom because he is being treated "unfairly", according to the law...
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Thankfully, he saves his meltdowns for home. The one the teacher needs to worry about, though, is ME! Mwah-ha-ha-ha-haaaa! :devil:
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    That my dear, was one of the best emails I have read ! No kidding. PLEASE let me know how the SS Teacher responds.

    GVC Mom Way To Go GIRL !!!:you_go_girl:
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    Hopefully you've got a better principal than we do... When we tried that, WE got called on the mat for causing problems for the teacher. Bottom line: principal protects his teachers. Unanswered question... then who protects the students???

    Hmmm... Social Studies, did you say?
    For the record - found out recently (not that it applies DIRECTLY to your situation, but someone else might be able to use this...) that Social Studies and History are the absolutely worst classes to make or get accommodations in...

    (ours was Social Studies, too...)
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    Very nice!
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    You go get 'em!!!
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    Love the email!!
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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    I'm just tired of people who pay me lip service in person and then try to intimidate my kid when no one's looking. It's absolute BS for ANY adult in this position to treat a student this way. This particular teacher happens to be rather rigid in his thinking anyway. During the IEP when we were specifically discussing the need for accepting late assignments from difficult child 2, this teacher got very flustered and defensive, saying that he has to prepare his students for the IB (International Bacclaureate) program at the GATE high school because they would not survive turning in any late assignments. He completely missed the point that A) he HAS to follow the accomodations agreed upon and B) difficult child 2 is NOT going to that high school, which really is secondary to all of it. All he would focus on is what might happen NEXT year to these students... OMG get OVER it! Focus on the NOW! Not the future when they are no longer your concern!!!

    I'll be sure to post an update whenever I hear back from someone at the school about this. Just 18 more days... 18 more days... 18 more days... :)
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    I think your email was excellent. I hope the teacher gets his head out from where it is now :)
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    Very nice, you're hired!
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    Yeah... Jett's accomodations in History? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
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    I love your email!!! I have had to stand up for my difficult child time and time again. Last Friday I had to handle a situation with a ParaPro. He is in an EBD class and you would think that these teachers/ParaPros would know how to handle these children! Teachers can be so insensitive sometimes...but it really makes you appreciate it when your child gets a good teacher that REALLY cares about your child! I wonder how Mr. Social Studies teacher will feel tomorrow when he reads it! If he has any heart at all he will feel like a real s**thead!
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    Wow! Good job! Love the mention of the signature on p. 12. :)
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    Very nice. You go, :warrior:
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    Wonderful email - direct and very powerful!!! What is it with people thinking that they can ignore IEPs because of the time of year. Can the school forget to pay them because it is may? Or forget to give them a planning period because it is raining? I don''t think that would go over so well, would it?
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    Dam girl, that was awesome!
  19. ML

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    Dam girl that was awesome!
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    I'm with ML....both times! :bigsmile:

    Definately keep us updated on this. I REALLY want to hear what happens!