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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Wiped Out, Feb 4, 2013.

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    Wrestling season is coming to a close. difficult child still has practice for a couple of weeks even though his last meet is over; they keep wrestling until the last team wrestler is done. difficult child never won a meet this season, in fact, until Friday night he never even made it through all three rounds with-o getting pinned (usually within the first 30 seconds of the first round). You should have seen the joy on his face and his coaches faces when he wrestled all three rounds on Friday! I love that he has stayed positive about wrestling throughout the season.

    On the not so good side, he shoved me twice in the past two weeks; hopefully we have nipped that as I let him know we will not go back to his days of being violent if he is going to be able to stay at home. He is still driving us crazy with his need to be talking to us every moment he is awake and still perseverating on things constantly.

    One more nice moment. husband was in Michigan this weekend. easy child/difficult child worked most of the weekend so it was mostly difficult child and me. We had good moments and not good moments. Last night I told him I really enjoyed our weekend together. To my surprise he told me he did too. Can't tell you how such a little thing made me feel so good.
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    You should be so proud of him. I know so many of our difficult child's quit when things are not going as well as they imagined. The fact that he stuck it out, and realizes he should be proud of his achievements is HUGE!!! And I am glad that you had such a nice weekend together. I hope these days continue.
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    Sounds like a lot of wins Sharon, I am happy for you, those small victories go a long way.
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    I'm so proud of difficult child for sticking with wrestling even though he didn't win. Major kudos to difficult child. Hopefully the not-so-good moments will lessen as he matures!
  5. Wiped Out

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    Thanks Ladies! I knew you would understand the small victories:)
  6. buddy

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    So great that he found something he likes to do and stuck with it no matter win or lose. I think my guy would love it if he could learn the rules etc....but he would never stop at the mats. He even watches stuff like that and I get pushed and pinned.

    Sorry he has pushed you, I totally get the downer of that. But I'm with you, those victories are priceless and so worth holding on to.

    When this season is over is there another activity he would like? If he does ok with wrestling would he do ok with some kind of martial arts?
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    It's usually the little thing that hold the most meaning and memories!