difficult child has been home

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    for three days from the hospital. Saturday was very rough (I'll skip the details-let's just say I was sure he shouldn't have been released). Sunday was better but just by a smidge-it too was rough. Yesterday was better-he was more of a typical difficult child-still difficult but in a different way.

    We're very concerned about how he'll do in school today but I guess we'll find out soon enough. Keep your fingers crossed.

    One thing we are dealing with since he has been home is bed-wetting. Apparently he was doing this in the hospital but not telling anyone. I'm guessing the new medication is knocking him out at night and he can't tell when he has to go. Poor guy-he just does not need this to deal with right now.

    Sunday night husband managed to wake him around midnight and have him use the bathroom; last night though he woke him around the same time but it was already too late.
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    just so sorry the insurance company insisted he come home. I don't know how long it's going to be before everyone gets on the same page and he gets a residential placement. I really feel that's what it is going to take to get his medications and treatment in line and him to make some REAL forward progress. This back and forth has got to be rough on all of you - including difficult child.

    Hope he's able to hold it together in school.

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    Sharon - sorry there hasn't been a miraculous turnaround (yet). I'm super sorry to hear that difficult child is wetting the bed. In the grand scheme of things, it's really not a big deal, but I'm sure it must be very upsetting to him.

    I will send many good vibes to him today - hope school is a better experience for him. I'm guessing you guys are nearing the end of the school year though, and those last few days are a struggle for even PCs as the classes wind down and the kids wind up. Ugh.

    Gentle hugs to you and difficult child.
  4. Our difficult child started bed wetting at 12 also - he had just been put on a new medication that they said could make him thirsty. He was drinking a lot and started wetting the bed a lot. He also lost weight. Turns out he is type 1 diabetic now. So keep an eye on your difficult child's weight and if he drinks a lot of liquids.
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    So sorry things have been rough!!! I feel really badly about the bed wetting too... Maybe a call to his psychiatrist would be a good idea. Maybe you can find out if this is a common side effect in the beginning. I know this is probably a terrible idea, but if difficult child is really upset about this, understandably so, could you get him a package of Goodnites just until he is used to the new medication? It's got to be horrible for him to wake up like this. Then again, wearing Goodnites might make him feel even worse... Wish I had an answer!!!

    I've got my fingers crossed that he does OK at school today!!! Hugs... SFR
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    Nothing to add except hugs and positive thoughts.
  7. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Can't remember if you said they changed his medications at all... is your difficult child on Depakote now? My difficult child 2 had the same issue with bedwetting when he first started Depakote, but once we titrated higher it went away.

    The system is truly broken when kids like your difficult child are released way too early. Doesn't help anyone but the insurance companies. I'm sorry he's been so challenging since he's been home. I hope he's able to hold it together at school, and that he doesn't completely fall apart this afternoon when he gets home!

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    Sharon-I agree that he will probably end up needing residential. I think if this medication doesn't work enough to help him then there aren't a lot of options left. It is especially hard on difficult child with all the back and forth.

    Sue-I agree in the grand scheme it's not such a big deal but you are right that it is upsetting him. We have his psychiatrist appointment tomorrow so maybe he can shed some light on things.

    Indeeptrouble-Thanks, we'll keep an eye out.

    SFR-Not a bad idea but he won't wear them. He did, however, ask husband and me to wake him up at night to try and get him to use the bathroom.

    ML-Thanks for the hugs and positive thoughts:)

    Gvcmom-They took him off the Depakote-it really wasn't doing anything for him. I agree it's a broken system.

    He did o.k. at school til about 11:00 when he started acting very manic. His Special Education teacher said it was like you could see the medication wear off. Still he didn't get violent but had a lot of trouble with boundary issues. His time at home after school has actually been really good tonight-no yelling-just appropriate behavior-did I just say that? Yep except for his constant eating.
  9. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Better stock up on carrots! We let difficult child 2 eat those to his heart's content when he got the medication munchies. :D Unfortunately, he had to have ranch for dipping...
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    Glad he at least made it thru the day.

    Sending him home just makes me angry. Your son actually seems to respond to the medications, and they won't leave him alone long enough to get the right mix created. It has to be frsutrating.