difficult child started school


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difficult child had his first day of classes yesterday. I can't believe he has started college. He is having to take a "catch up" class because he graduated from adult ed. The professor asked the class some questions and finally had to take difficult child aside and ask him to not answer anymore because it was "intimidating" the other students. He also wanted to know why difficult child was placed in the class to begin with as he was obviously very intelligent. difficult child told him about his past. This time last year I would have never believed it!

He is still living at home. He is working side jobs when he can, but doesn't have a permanent job yet. He has had about 20 interveiws and put in at least 100 applications since May---but nothing! He is still smoking pot off and on, I think, but I have no proof and have not "caught" him with any in my house. He has passed his drug test, but I know he knows how to pass one. He is out tonight with an old friend (a pretty good kid with typical teen issues) seeing another old friend's band play.

He is off all medications. So far, so good. He has not taken anything since last May. He still has his difficult child moments. Wednesday he had a probabtion meeting and had worked hard to scrape together his fines and maintenance fees. He was $10 short and was worried she would lock him up, so he spent Tuesday night in a panic and had a few crying spells and anxiety attacks. She told him to bring the extra next month. I told him he better find a "real" job.

I'm practicing my detachment and trying to let him "grow" into the man I hope he can be!

My grandmother told me once that when they are little the pull at your apron strings but that is easy compared to when they start pulling at your heart strings---boy was she a wise one!


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Sounds like you got baby steps going :bravo:

They're hard to watch, but oh so necessary.

Your grandma was sooooooooooo right. Apron strings are much easier than heart strings.