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    this week. I'm worried about whether or not the decisions made will be in his best interest and what is going to happen if we have to live another year with him on probation. I don't see how I can make that work financially and I'm tired of this PO looking down her nose at me and acting like she's a know-it-all extension of the judge when she has told me wrong several times and exhibits a very negative attitude. Others (attnys, policeman) have also made comments about her not being a very nice person and being out to hang difficult child, things like that. I was afraid to tell the GAL the financially strain part- she could have difficult child removed from home if I did.

    And, I'm having fleeting questions and thoughts. Like, why exactly is this GAL still involved anyway? She was assigned to try to help me get difficult child more help. Then, after a couple of absurd and rash decisions she made, it was determined that she (the county) can't provide better for him than I am already doing. So why is she talking like she'll be involved forever? And, it was shown that I have had difficult child in treatment since Dec. 2005, which was not court ordered and was before he ever got into legal trouble, so why would there be further court order for him to go to treatment? Do they really think I am going to stop his treatment now if they don't keep it ordered by a judge? And, how long is this legal order stuff going to last- until he's 18 yo? Social services isn't involved so can the judge keep this going on that long?

    I learned that the most detention difficult child could get would be 9 mos., however, the GAL says she really doesn't think the judge would keep difficult child from being home and starting his regular school this fall. But, how long can the judge keep probation and GAL involved? Is she waiting for him to be cured?

    Sorry for the rambling- just needed to dump a little out of my head I guess- LOL!
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    My prayers will be with you, KLMNO. I will pray that the best possible outcome for your son is what the judge orders.

    Big gentle hugs. You have been through so much. Sending strength to you as well.
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    My prayers and thoughts are with you.............as well as much strength.
    You are an awesome mom.
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    It sure doesn't help to have a "team member" who is unwilling to work for the good of the child. Does this PO have experience working with children? Or is she just treating difficult child as she would her adult clients? Seems like she does not believe that anyone in her workcases can be helped. Is there anyway you can ask for difficult child to be transferred to another PO?
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    Thanks, all! Adrianne- let's just say the PO thinks the mental health part doesn't really exist, apparently. At least the GAL does understand that a little. I had told them once before, if the mental health issue wasn't real and didn't impact his behavior in the illegal actions, then why on earth was treatment court ordered.

    Anyway, I took difficult child out to pick up garbage from a park for community service a couple of mos ago and PO said "I gave him too much freedom and more fresh air than he deserved" because I did that. So, that is what we are dealing with.

    I'm seriously considering trying to figure out a way to move far eneough away that they would HAVE to transfer his case to another jurisdiction if they keep this going another year. I really would hate to do that given that difficult child will be completing (hopefully) middle school next year and because of housing and job market the way it is, but I have to strongly consider what this is doing to us.
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    Lots of hugs! You and difficult child are in my prayers.