Do you miss your estranged FOO or loved ones in spirit during the holidays??


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I tried this on the Watercooler but maybe people would rather not talk about it or really dont miss special people this year. I thought Id see if this is a better spot for this. If not, then maybe its just me. Or it is too painful for dome to share.

I had the best friend ever for about twenty years. We called each other sisters. I helped explain to her how to adopt children and she did twice which bonded us forever. Her husband was a loving doll. She had four boys and adopted two girls after we met. She thought that since she had four children she would never be allowed to adopt the girls she had always wanted, although she adored her boys. We became friends when we had to coach Baseball together because no men would do it. We grew closer with each year, never had a serious fight, confided all and shared our holidays. I so miss our holidays together. I can see our two families together clear as day, passing the yummy sweet potato pie, the kids talking happily.

She died of cancer at 50. I will always miss her and the holidays always bring her memory back strongly.

I think she would really like my younger kids who were babies last time she saw them. We were sisters to each other and said do often.

So she is on my mind and in my heart this season. I know she is still with me but its not the same.

Sadly I have NO memories of ANY holidays with my FOO. They didnt really get ttogether.And most were unkind to me. I dont miss most of them or wish they were with me. I felt very badly about myself around them and that includes the only two who are still on earth, doing whatever they do...I have no idea of their lives now and never will.

If anyone else is missing somebody special, you can share here. Just thought I would try this thread. If nobody else responds, thanks for the place to vent.

Love to all.
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Yes. I always miss my mom, who passed away at 49. I make her favorite foods (and mine too) at the holidays. It’s comforting.

I also miss a cousin. I believe she was 51 when she died. I don’t think of her every year any more, but she comes to mind most years and of course now and then throughout the year.