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    husband and I left Saturday morning around 9am and didn't get home till about 8pm Sunday night. difficult child didn't go with us so he was home all weekend and took care of the dogs. (This is the first time we've been gone overnight with difficult child here and didn't have someone else stay here)

    Normally, when one or both of us get home, the dogs go beserk. Barking, whining, jumping around...the whole routine. This could be when husband gets home from work or when I come home from the store...doesn't matter. They are just happy we came back.

    Sunday night when we got home, I was out of the car as soon as we stopped because I needed to hit the bathroom. (husband was still outside getting our bags). I walked in the house and while the dogs were there and obviously very happy to see me, they didn't make a sound. Not. A. Single. One. I was still in the bathroom when husband walked in and I could tell they were jumping around him but sounds whatsoever.

    difficult child loves animals but I can't help but wonder what went on this weekend. He's never been truly mean to our dogs or any other animal but he will torment/tease sometimes. He'll ask if they want to go for a walk and then not take them, get mad at them for normal behaviors...things like that but has never been truly mean or abusive. I was worried about leaving them with him this weekend but ONLY because he's been sleeping so much. I made sure he understood that he needed to be up to let them out and make sure they had plenty of food and water. Also, he's not as careful as husband and I are about making sure Chester doesn't get out and take off. Those were the only things that concerned me. The absolute quiet though when we got home was very, very odd. I asked difficult child about it and he said that all he did was yell at them over the weekend because they were barking and whining.

    There aren't any visible marks on the dogs....they don't seem injured in any way....they still went willingly to difficult child when he called them or walked in the room...they don't seem to be acting different towards him. But I still have this feeling that SOMETHING happened. For my's just not normal that they don't go nuts when we've been gone for that long.

    Any thoughts?
  2. Hound dog

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    Not a good sign. in my opinion Something went on, enough to cause the dogs not to bark when you returned. You could try an experiment. Have difficult child leave the house with one of you, so the dogs see him go. Have the adult return and see the dogs reaction, if there is barking with the greeting.

    Travis has to be supervised with the pets. When we're gone they're crated or put outside because he won't bother them.

    He doesn't hurt deliberately. But just like with people, doesn't know when what he's doing is too much.

    Molly loves everyone in her family. The crating/putting dogs out when we were gone started when I suddenly noticed that Molly would dodge away from Travis and hide under the kitchen table. I don't think he was intentionally mean to her. But Molly is older now and experiencing the pains of advanced age. She doesn't tolerate Travis' roughness these days. Thus the hiding under the table. Travis was told to keep his distance from her for a while. She's since gotten over it.......but still will not seek him out for affection.

    He also caught heck when I noticed Betsy dodging raised hands. My dogs are never struck. Never.

    Betsy still seeks Travis out for belly rubs and such though. She is just a mega love dog. lol

    Nichole I've had to work with on training. Being a difficult child she'd always be tempted to hit when frustrated. She grew out of it.........But there was a time when I didn't leave the pets alone with her either.

    My gut say something happened. Obviously the dogs are ok. But still. I know how you feel. Gives you an uneasy feeling.

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    Is it possible that they ate something that hurt their throats? went without water for too long? have an infection?

    It definitely sounds suspect. I'm just wondering if they became noisy after you were home for awhile or if they remained quiet. DDD
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    LOL Well, the mailman was just here. Cloe pretty much ignores him once she sees it's the regular guy. Chester goes nuts no matter who it is. True to form, Cloe was just sprawled out on the floor watching Chester bounce around the room and my ear drums are STILL vibrating.
  5. Hound dog

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    LOL glad to know it wasn't a lasting effect. :D
  6. nvts

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    Was there a lot of firework activity going on in the neighborhood? If they were barking a lot, they might have just over done it!

    Glad they're back to normal!

  7. mstang67chic

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    I kind of wondered about that too. It's rare that husband and I actually get away for a weekend like that TOGETHER so I guess I'll just watch and see if it happens again. I'm not sure this was a good example of a "normal" weekend and it could have been all sorts of things.

    Speaking of fireworks....I was a little worried about Chester because this is his first 4th with us (assuming he was even born at this time last year) and I didn't know how he'd react. Here, a lot of people didn't light much off until Sunday night because we got rain. I went to let him out Sunday night, he took about 2 steps out the back door and someone lit something off back behind us. Once he saw that, he just turned and hauled bootie right back in the house. Poor little guy! I waited until things died down before trying again and had to go with him but he did finally go outside.
  8. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Heres my quick thought - and while I'm not defending anyone - I'm not there so I have no idea - BUT -------

    When the owners are present - a lot of times the dogs (according to Caesar) will sense the ENERGY of the people they love - and I belive this to be true. When DF comes in the house he ENCOURAGES the hi hi hi mentality and then yells when they jump. (um....helooooo Mcfly - weren't you just going hi hi hi where's my boys, where's my girl?) and when Uncley Jeff comes in before Uncly Jeff even gets to the door it's pandamonium. OMG it's nuts. But there again - is DF nearly enciting a riot with "huh? Is Uncle Jeff here? Is it him?" and Now uncle Jeff has either MS or Parkinsons and a brace and a walker and cane so it's NOT cool that everyone go bonkers upon arrival. So the kids were getting yelled at.

    When I come home from work? NOTHING - I get a smile at the gate and then I come in and I REFUSED to play the THERE IS MOMMY game....and thus - DID NOT EVER give the HI HI HI attention to the kids when I came it - and THUS - everyone ONLY got attention for good behavior. My mind set coming in the door was ALPHA female - DO NOT TOUCH ME - (I have on work fur) DO NOT JUMP UP - DO NOT SLOPBER on me....DO NOT PUT A PAW ON MY HOSE....etc. and - thus I am RESPECTED like no one else.

    THE MAGIC????

    THe mindset.

    I have told Uncley Jeff and DF - that there is NOT A SINGLE NEED for the hi hi hi rough house - **** - just walk in as if you are gold and do not make eye contact...IGNORE THEM.....IGNORE THEM until you get them to leave you alone - and ONLY when they lay down do you call them and talk to them and PET them - or give a treat or a rub. THEN you call them over.

    I had to remind the guys when they came in to do this - but NOW it's TONS better and uncley jeff and the walker/brace/cane can get in without 140/70/35 lbs of bulldogs knocking him down.

    So what I'm thinking is that YOUR mindset when you came in wasn't hi hi over - see the kids - it was - we drove - we're tired...hope the house is in one piece - and when YOU and husband hit the door - YOUR mindset was different and CLoe and CTM sensed it.....and were both - CALM.

    If they had been beaten or hurt - CLOE would have snitched and been at the door to tell you.....or cowering and you'd have seen it in her eyes. They do snitch - and you would have known.

    I think they just knew you were tired and your minds were not hi hi hi....but tired, tired, tired.....


    Dunno -

    Just a different view.....

    But just give it a try some night - if you walk in your house MAD as HADES - don't your dogs KNOW.....? Don't they walk away from you?
    Now walk in thinking YOU are the KING - and DO NOT WANT YOUR CLOTHES TOUCHED do not make eye contact - do not SMELL me - I AM KING - and do NOT TALK - they WILL walk away - point and snap to a corner - they will stop - jumping, barking - and they WILL leave you
    But one night walk in like you've had 12 pots of coffee and do the hi hi hi coochie coochie thing and they are going to go berzerk....betcha.

    :tongue: Your attitude when you come in at night tells a dog MORE than YOU know.
  9. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Hmmm Star has a huge point. I never thought of what your body language might have been after a long drive.

    Um, but I've never gotten the attitude to work with Betsy. Either she's too dumb to get it......or something. (and I really don't think she's dumb) Works with any other dogs I use it with. But doesn't seem to affect her. BUT if I turn my back on her, and keep doing so.....she will finally give up. My problem is the kids undo it every darn time I get her to stop greeting me with hi hi hi. sigh
  10. TerryJ2

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    The only time my dogs have done that is if they pooped in the house while we were gone. They greeted us at the door, but they kind of looked away, and kept their heads and tails down submissively. Even their wagging tails were lower to the ground.

    Star's point is valid, as well. All you can do is try it again.
  11. mstang67chic

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    That's a good point Star, I never thought of that either. However, in the case of THESE dogs? They HEAR us pull up. They start going nuts BEFORE we even hit the porch. This time? Not a peep. That's what got me wondering. There wasn't a noise from the moment we got out of the car....and Chester's lookout spot faces the driveway. Not to mention that there was the sound of 4 car doors as we got out and then grabbed stuff out of the back seat and closed those doors.

    Course, it could have just been some freak thing....THEY were tired too, freaked from the fireworks and the added trauma of not having husband and I here, doggy strep....could have been anything. I'll be keeping an eye out though.
  12. susiestar

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    I would trust your instincts. You may never know what happened. But difficult child might drop clues in days to come. Or not.

    Just keep an eye on the dogs and see how they do. How they treat him, if they continue to not make any noise, all of it. Who knows, maybe he teased them with Mommy's home, Daddy's home, Nope, not this time over and over again. When a nephew on stepMIL's side watched their dog one weekend this happened. The boy admitted how "funny" it was to his mother, and she ratted him out to father in law and stepMIL. Now they send their dog to my sister in law if they go anywhere, even for just a night. They were HORRIFIED at how the boy treated her, and have had little respect for the boy since. Esp because he STILL thinks it was hilarious to tease her.

    Whatever you do, don't doubt your instincts. Star may be right, but I always think our instincts tell us more of the truth than anything.
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911

    The conversation a mile before you got to the house:

    C: Hey CTM you hear the Car?
    CTM: YEah all the time - like I get tired of doing the hi hi hi thing all the time - I swear I can hear those ball joints pounding that pot hole over on 1st St. on the 2nd set of tracks - Swear....(crosses toes)
    C: And are we supposed to act nuts like this every time? I mean they DID leave us with all that popping, and screaming, and noise, hissing and sirens this time, and the boy - I mean I LOVE MY BOY - but he wasn't much comfort during ROMAN CANDLE SALUTE
    CTM: YEah I know - and WHO ever said BENEFUL was FANTASTIC obviously didn't eat it - that jerk that does the commercial and comes running in for a bowl ful - PFT.....amateur....I wish they would let ME do the commercial - I'd run in full power and stop dead....sniff then walk away. Now put a bowl full of kidney down - YEAH
    C: YEah that's what I'm talking about (high 4's CTM)
    CTM: YEah- I love Mom and Dad - They are great Parents, But don't you get a little tired of yipping, and howling and acting like a dog when they leave and come home?
    C: Yeah - Hey I know - This time - When we hear the car - Lets pretend we don't car
    CTM: YEah
    C: YEAh....
    CTM: Can we do that?
    C: I dunno Wanna try?
    CTM: Okay I'm game If you are.
    C: You are always Gamey - I have NO idea where you find the stuff you do to roll in - we LIVE in the same house and play in the same yard.
    CTM: I have my sources
    C: So we agree - NO DOG HOWLING - just reallllllllly cool.....
    CTM- Then we have an accord.
    C: An accord - We don't have an accord - I think it's an Explorer.
    CTM: NO we have an accord like on the Pirate Movie -
    C: You watch TOO MUCH DVDs....
    C: SHhhhhhh I hear them
    CTM: Okay going into CTM stealth mode in 3,2,1.....Shhhhhhhhh

    And that is what really happened......and NOW you are freaked out.

    BWAHA AHAHAHAH .......

    And stop leaving Chester watch Pirates of the Carribean....Pootie walks around singing the Blues Clues song and it makes me NUTS. THAT's how I know they DO this....that and she always sits down with her HANDY DANDY whatever.....UGH.


    Hugs Star =yup........totally off the reservation.
  14. mstang67chic

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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

    Star, you're so far off the reservation, you're not on the MAP anymore!

    (by the way....the puppies all have eyes open and while they are still a bit wobbly on their feet, they are playing, barking and growling at each other. Teeny tiny widdle growls but growls nonetheless)
  15. Marguerite

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    You're all thinking bad thoughts of difficult child - but what if the situation is the opposite? What if he found himself alone with other living creatures and they all actually bonded? In which case - they were glad to see you but there was no "I've been so worried, I've been so lonely, I've missed you terribly." It sounded to me more like when you leave your kid with a babysitter who turns out to be so engaging that your kid barely notices when you come back home. Instead of running to you and crying, "You were so long away, Mummy, I missed you," your child looks up and says, "Hi, glad you're home. Come over here and look at what the babysitter & I have been making. I'm almost done..."

    The fact that the dogs bakred at the mailman tells me it's behaviour as normal, but they may now have a better relationship with difficult child. A bonus, if so.

    Yes., keep an eye on him (and the dogs) but I hope I'm right. It would be one more sign that your difficult child is becoming less of a difficult child.

  16. Star*

    Star* call 911

    Well it was the Backyardigans until I could NOT take ONE more lispy

    Awe we gonna take Pootwe to da stowe?
    Are we Going to take Pootie to THE store

    They totally drop R's and T's and baby thank ewe......

    Now she runs around humming doot doot dodalooooo bwews cweews...

    Makes me nuts :tongue: (wasnt' a long trip)
  17. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    Star, turn on Barney again. The songs are annoying, but there are more of them so you don't hear the same one a billion times.

    Also, when they are older you can get them to do what you want by singing those songs from blues, or backyardigans or barney and not stopping until they comply.

    They are SO embarrassed and ashamed of you when you sing (cause it might rub off on them, LOL!!) that they comply before the second line is out of your mouth.

    True story: husband told Wiz that if he had to come to school for a behavior problem even ONE more time, he was going to get on the intercom, announce that he needed Wiz (first and last name) to come to the office. And . . . . He was going to sing the Barney song over the intercom. Or maybe the Barney Clean Up song.

    The office staff LOVED it. even had a few other parents they suggested it to on the sly. It MORTIFIED Wiz so much we had NO behavior calls when he was actually IN school.

    And husband would have done it. NO Problem. For the big guns he said he was going to bring ME in to sing the song. Wiz used to scream and cry when I sang to him when he was a baby. He HATES my voice. I am out of tune just a little bit due to a hearing glitch in my wiring and it is physically painful for my boy who has perfect pitch.

    We have tamed a LOT of behavior with the barney songs. They just are not as embarrassed if you sing the blues clues song or backyardigans song.

    Sorry the kids are watching too much tv!

    Mstang, I think star has a point. Of course, it may have been the cat.

    she probably told them that you HATED the HI HI HI routine. That you said in private that you wished they didn't even yip once at you when you came in. That you disliked teh fawning all over and really wanted them to leave you alone.

    If she is a truly devious cat (most are) she will also have told them you are thinking about "fixing" them again like when you neutered them, only this time you will take out the bark box in their throat. This may cause them to ignore you until you convince the little ones that you LIKE the HI HI HI routine.

    Cats are devious. And creative. Never let her watch Animal Planet when they talk about horrible things people do to their pets. Like de-bark them (some people actually have the vocal cords removed in dogs so they cannot bark! It is TOTALLY CRUEL and downright dangerous to the dog.). The cat gets her ideas there. I know because I caught Gracie and Capn Morgan talking about it.
  18. skeeter

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    actually - my boys punish me when we are gone more than a day. When we come home, they will make all over husband, but they totally ignore me. On a usual work day, they are all happy, happy, wiggle, wiggle when I come home.

    We were gone for a week. It took at least 2 days before either dog was paying any attention to me. One would sit in front of me, with his back to me, and "look" over his shoulder, but pointedly ignore me.

    I don't know why I am always the "bad guy"!!!
  19. Star*

    Star* call 911

    I'm not vein or totally narcissistic but I HATE when Casper IGNORES me. That "look over the shoulder" and "oh wha?" thing. That's when I drag out the dreaded MIDDLE with FIRST AND LAST names...

    Or....WHO WOULD LIKE A COOKIE???? Then sweetly say - NO one I know that (say growlingly) IGNORES THIER MOTHER. then walk off like a cat.