dont want to hear his voice


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I just cant talk to him anymore. He called from prison, but last 3 calls in 3 wks just end up in arguments. Because he will complain about something and since im going thru bitterness already cuz i have to go thru this alone cuz family dont care, i will throw in his face, well, you shouldn't have gone back to prison than. Than he gets mad and says i call you for a conversation to escape from this place and you throw that in my face. He gets pissy as i do too and talk ends fast. I just wrote him and letter saying i think we should just write right now, im too angry and bitter to talk with him. And i end up crying after each call. I was there for 30yrs trying to make his day better and he spat on it and wants me to be there to help his day now. F that!


Oh i can read how very very HURT you are by all of this and i cant say i blame you. You have tried so very very hard and yet he made his own choices which ended up badly. Perhaps write a letter to him advising that for health reasons right now you don't want to have any contact for a period of time. You need time to heal, and reclaim your life and that means doing a lot of hard work on you hopefully with the help of a therapist. When i detached from my son i advised him that the emotional bank account was overdrawn, i couldn't take the issues and drama anymore and that he needed to work on his life and i needed to work on mine and perhaps in the future we could have a relationship. at that time i did not know whether it would work out or not... its still a process....we have a relationship but it is forever changed. I now see him on my terms, when I want to and that's it. I have set boundaries to protect myself and my new life. You are not your son's punching bag, therapist or social worker. He can find those on his own. Its time for you now Teri to take care of yourself! Hugs to you!