Drugs and aspberger's


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My son is almost 19 years old. He has aspberger's. He received full scholarship for college. Things were going great. He was pulled over one night on Campus. The found rolling papers in his car. He admitted to campus police that he smoked pot a few days prior. They gave him a court date. I went the very next day to the school. They have a no tolerance policy, so he was suspended for one year and can never live on campus again.
After returning home he reveals to me that he loves pot and how wonderful it is. How good it is for you.... He will not quit talking about the love of the high. It has just about ruined everything... He talks about wanting to start his own company and make bongs because the demand is so high. I have 4 other children. I don't know what to do to convince him he is wrong and this has to stop. He has also quit going to his psychologist and psychiatrist.


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Welcome to the forum where we all get it....unfortunately for us!

My son started with marijuana at 15 and then went to harder drugs. Honestly I would have been okay with him just using marijuana occasionally if all else was normal but he was not the type of person that could do that.

Your son is an adult so I don't think there is much you can do except set rules for him to live in your house which could include him not using it in your home, going to his doctor appointments and taking his medications, work, etc.

You and your family deserve to have a peaceful home. We seemed to have forgotten that during our journey. We have it again and we are so thankful.

Our son would NOT follow our rules and continued to abuse off an on so he is now living away from us and still struggling but it's really his life and he has to figure it out.

Others that have more wisdom will be along to give you advice. There is so much knowledge on this forum!


So this is the outlook of so many young people. Our son thinks pot is great..but understands our no tolerance policy...I don't care if it's a miracle drug, it's ILLEGAL where we live.

I have many friends with adult children of aspbergers. I'm assuming this is his new focus and obsession. He is too young to turnout, only in my opinion. You know your son best.

Perhaps he would see logic in getting a business degree so he can open this amazing business? I'm assuming it's not legal where to you are. I would seek help from his doctors to help guide you to reach him.

I'm sure both we will have more insight..how stressful for you! Hang in there!


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Tjaco5, it seems that there are many parents facing the same kind of issue with pot that you are. The pot or weed that is available today appears to be more potent than what was available in the dark ages when I was young. It is illegal where we live too, but only a ten hour car ride away where it is available. I just recently found out that the trip our daughter took to Colorado was not necessarily to visit a high school friend like I had assumed, but was actually to buy pot (and to think, I paid $400 worth of speeding tickets she got while driving there! I wish I had known!) ! I know of three of her high school friends that moved to Oregon so they could smoke it legally.
I don't mean to alarm you, and I'm sorry this post is a downer and not really offering any advice. I hope it is a comfort to you that you can post here among others who have faced the same problem. I agree that you have to decide whether he can stay in your house and continue smoking, and you have other children to consider.