easy child/former difficult child's benefits expired

Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by KFld, Dec 11, 2007.

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    My son called me today in a panic because he still takes the suboxone and when he went to get his refill they told him his insurance expired. He called DSS and they told him his case is closed. He is going to go down on Thursday and see why he wasn't given any notice and if he's maybe making to much money now to qualify, but they should have sent him notice. Suboxone is not something you can just stop taking. He has to wean himself off of it and now he's panicked. He has enough left for 4 days. I told him maybe this is a blessing in disguise because he has been on it for over a year and it probably is a good time in his life to come off of it, but he's really nervous about it. I told him he should tell his boss, because his boss knows he's in recovery, that for quite a few days he's going to be sick coming off of it and hopefully he'll have patience and understanding.

    he really does need to get a job with benefits. This suboxone was a life saver for him and I hope and pray he can remain clean when he comes off of it. He's over a year clean now and has learned how to live a normal life, still goes to meetings, so hopefully that will be enough.
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    I'm really pulling for him to meet this head on and come out stronger than ever.
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    Thanks. I'm on one hand hoping they don't renew them so he will be forced to come off the suboxone, but on the other hand it scares me to death because he's being forced into it and not doing it because he feels he's completely ready. I just hope it doesn't backfire.
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    Karen, is this something he can go to his physician about and maybe get samples of so that he wean off more appropriately?
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    Awww, Karen. Don't you just hate to see some new twist thrown at them when they are actually doing so well? Arghhh.

    I also wondered about whether one of the free clinics or someone would give your son a few, to be weened down over a week or two, or whatever period the doctor thinks best. I'd be nervous about him coming off all at once.

    I understand your being torn - part of you doesn't want him to take it and see how he does, and another part of you worried since he's been doing so well.

    Keep us posted. We're pulling for him - and you.

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    Aww Karen 4 days is NOT enough to wean from. They wean them over a month or even more. He should definitly talk to his doctor and tell him. Maybe there is free care or something he can apply for to continue getting them. I wouldnt rush him off of them. From my understanding at difficult child's clinic they go down 2 miligrams at a time for about a week per change then when it gets down to 2 mg they "jump off". I hope it works out for his sake

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    See if a doctor has access to any 'free samples' from a pharmaceutical rep. Often, they are sitting on lots of freebies.

    Our medical system stinks. Ahhh - another post for another day.
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    I will tell him to call his doctor and see what she can do. The only other thing I can do, even though I can't really afford it, is I may just pay for one month of the prescription and tell him it's his month to come off of them. I definatley can't pay for more then that, but I do know he cannot just stop them like that.
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    Karen: Check on Montel Williams website. He's the spokesperson for this program subsidized by the Pharmaceutical companies. Most people (middle class) get a LOT of help with their scripts.

    Also, call the maker of the medications (whichever Merck, etc.). Most of them have programs as well. You can probably check their websites for contact info.

    Good luck!

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    look on needymeds.com also. Prescription assistance programs may be able to assist.
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    Karen, fingers crossed things work out for your son!