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I pulled a muscle yesterday. husband asked me to call my mom to watch the kids. So I did. Gma had JUST been telling me that she wished I would call if I was having a bad day so she could watch the kids. As in the day before, JUST.

Gma said to have the kids call her either when they got up or when I did. I said I needed to take some petty strong medications and if I get to sleep, would then sleep fairly late. She said no problem, whenever. Gma resisted ALL my efforts to set a time to pick up the kids.

husband and I told J and thank you to call Gma when they got up. That she would come and get them.

I was up late, in pain. Finally fell asleep around 3. Woke up at 11, kids still here. Told JEss to call Gma to see what she wanted to do.

Gma will take my youngest. Will take J another time because J has been forgetting a lot. This would be fine with me if it wasn't my MOM's (Gma's) idea for hte morning call. Gma is upset, she was ready by 8:30.

Don't phones go 2 ways???

Instead of a day to heal I have a day of drama.

Well, I should have known. This is why we haven't asked my mom to watch the kids in the last few months. Next time she asks why I don't ask for her help, I think I will tell her.

Thanks for hte rant,



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My inlaws did the same thing when we lived by them. It would turn into such a big deal everytime. "Well I can pick them up after this meeting" " Well we have to be somewhere early" "When did you need me to watch them? Oh I have meetings" But then if we didn't ask it was hurt feelings, and "Oh we are always available"... they made it such a pain, we felt like it was always an inconvienence.
Or well we can watch them for an hour... by the time I got them ready and over there it wasn't worth it!!!

Then they would forget the date!!!
Sorry, I hope you feel better soon...


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When you explain why you don't ask her, be specific. "Because I need to set a specific time and put arrangements in concrete, and it needs your input as well, to ensure things happen. I call you when I'm not well, which means I am not able to organise - that's why I called YOU. If you can't arrange to meet me where and when I need things done, then I may as well soldier on and do it myself, it's less drama in the long run."

And people wonder why we never used respite, or tried to arrange babysitting for difficult child 3!


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Sure can't blame you for needing to rant. Geez.

This sort of thing has always driven me crazy. So much so that I've put forth effort not to do it myself with the grandkids.

When I couldn't watch Darrin because of school easy child's mother in law volunteered. (this is the same one who was never available even if the kids wanted to go to the movies) Hmmmmm. Turns out she has a nasty habit of making plans the nights she's to have Darrin. Even to the point of going out of state. :slap: Then carries on because Darrin is about as close to her as a worm is with a bird.

Nichole has the same problem with boyfriend's parents. Twice now the great grandparents have had to cover because boyfriend's Mom "forgot" she had plans. Not that they ever want to watch the baby anyway. Now Nichole and boyfriend just ask the great grandparents if I can't watch the baby. They can't get enough of Aubrey. lol

I agree with Marguerite, if you don't want this sort of thing to repeat itself be completely honest the next time your Mom asks why you don't ask her to watch the kids.

Hope you feel better soon.