Found him! At the bmom's house, with-the baby


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Bad news/Good news. He's been skipping school and I was worried that he was smoking pot. But his demeanor has been decent ... he had dinner with us last night, and brought his govn't book to the table as I asked, to go over it with us.
So I tracked him down this a.m. (which included getting up at 6 to stand out in the rain to watch the bus arrive, but I had to stay behind a bush so I wasn't 100% certain he got on).
An hr later, I checked online, and he was marked absent. Arrgh!
He is at D's, with the baby. He says the baby is sick and D needs help. (Her mom went back to work.)
Not sure if the baby is truly sick or if he just wants to be there and skip school.
But at least he's not high or dealing.
He's just doing what he wants to do, which is what he's always done.


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Newborns always seem sick to new parents. Hopefully they will learn to use a thermometer and check for real symptoms rather than crankiness. Did anyone give them a new parent's book? Maybe she won't read it, but it seems like it would be a good thing for you and he to look at together. And if she wants to join in, all the better. The baby deserves parents who will better themselves.


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Good morning, Terry

Has Difficult Child explained why he is just not going to school anymore? Maybe a change of schools or on-line schooling would work better for him? I would ask him what he wants to do.

A high school diploma is not the be-all end-all it used to be. With the advent of homeschooling, colleges are used to having kids apply without a traditional diploma. None of my kids have a traditional high school diploma, but that didn't stop them from getting a college diploma! Nor did it top them from getting into the colleges of their choice, scholarships, internships, etc. Colleges are very open-minded about non-traditional education choices. And mine didn't get a GED either.I realize that your son's situation is different, but it is not the end of the world if he doesn't graduate. He will if it is important to him, but if it's not, you can't make him care.

On the bright side, he seems to be helping with the baby! This bond could propel him to do the right thing for her, if he thinks about it in that way.


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Yes, one can only hope.
He is in school today. He spoke with the graduation coach. I think they are tweaking his classes.