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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Malika, Nov 5, 2011.

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    Jacob raised a good point this morning. He said (a propos of nothing) "Mummy, it's not good to kill." "No," I replied, "It's not good. If you kill, you feel sad afterwards." He thought for a moment and then said, "But what if you are a giant who kills children?"
    A good question. What do you think?
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    Always practical, I would have said, "There no such thing as giants who kill children and it is never good to kill children or anyone else. I believe that if there WERE giants, they would feel bad if they killed anybody."

    How's that??? :)
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    PERFECT! I am going to come here for all of my answers before I reply anymore to difficult guys are so good
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    Ah well, you are none of you such subtle philosophers as my son.... His question was not about whether it is wrong for giants to kill children (but of course :)) but whether, my having said it was wrong to kill, whether it was wrong to kill a giant who was going to kill children (thereby saving their lives)... you see?!
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    yes that is deep, but then again, if the premise is wrong, that giants dont kill in the first place, it is a moot point. Now, If you are watching the giant running after the kids with a big club...or a fork, then of course go ahead and bomb the giant to pieces.
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    Way To Go, Buddy! Lol!

    P.S. Malika, if you want a board filled with-pacifists, I think you'll have to look elsewhere.

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    Well, yes, Terry but... the whole point of J's question was to underline the dilemma of pacifism... you don't want to kill but... what do you do faced with a giant (metaphorical) who is killing children?
    It struck me as a very interesting question but then... I daresay I am a little strange :)