From great progress to felon.


Well, he finally did it. He finally has shocked me beyond belief. My son was staying in IL with his bio dad, but in the midst he began talking to the old druggie girlfriend again (bad news bears). So last week he texted me Tuesday and said "Hey I'm in town if you want to hang out". SHOCKER!! I was really sad that this was going to be our first holiday without him, and he came home so I was so happy. But he came home to see druggie girlfriend and thats where he was staying. Anyway, so he came over for Thanksgiving, and I suspected he was high, but he wasn't acting crazy and was fairly normal so we had a good holiday. Then Monday, he called me and said that girlfriend and him were in a huge fight and asked me to take him to the train station so he could go back to IL. I told him to get his ticket information (when he was supposed to be there, etc..) and call me back. Then I never heard from him. I texted him Monday night just to check up. Then Tuesday came and went, I still never heard from him so I started texting and facebook messaging him because I was getting worried. Then I got a call from girlfriend. DS is in jail. Because in the midst of their fight, they broke up. He threatened to kill himself. Grabbed her dad's .45 and ran out of the house. She chased him out and tried to fight him for the gun and he shot her (accidently) in the knee. I'm sure neither of them were sober during any of this either. So 2nd degree domestic assault. He hasn't called me, and I hope he doesn't. I have no help to give him. I told him to go to IL and stay there. I told him not to mess with that crazy girl, that they were oil and water together. He didn't listen, and now he will pay some pretty dire consequences. Jesus Christ with this kid....


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Wow, Tymica, I am so sorry!

I was just thinking about you yesterday, and hoping that 'no news is good news'.

Well, that was not to be, unfortunately.

I hope your boy will learn from this and stay away from these old friends and old way of life. Maybe he will realize that that life is nothing but trouble, and he can't give in to temptation.

Do you know what the likely outcome of this will be?

How is the young woman and her knee? Hope it is a superficial wound.

How are you holding up?

We are here for you. Keep posting.



He finally called today. Of course, it was to ask me to co-sign for his bail. And of course, I'm a dummy because I said I would. So I told him my conditions were that he would have to have another person co-sign with me and that I would not be the sole cosigner and that he has to pay the bail. I will not put down 1 penny besides the gas money it takes to get there. Even after all of this, why is it so hard to just say "nope" and hang up the phone when they call in tears and falling apart?

He said he would call after the other person came and put up the money and their information to co-sign. Let's see if it actually happens.

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No mean self talk no,no,no. There is enough stress in this. Be nice to yourself.
You are not a dummy, you are a mommy.
Just, please be careful with your choices, that you do not end up with regrets.
Take time to breathe and think before deciding things.
Take care Tymica.


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Even after all of this, why is it so hard to just say "nope" and hang up the phone when they call in tears and falling apart?

Because you are mom and it is our natural instinct to want to help them. It goes against everything in us to watch them struggle and hurt.


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Tymica, I read your signature describing your son as your best friend, who in 2 short years went to no contact.

I felt that way about my now 27 year old. He was my sidekick. We were inseparable. Until we were not. It has been over ten years that it changed, and I still cannot get over the loss of it. I understand that developmentally our relationship could not have continued as it was. And I understand the logic that he had to turn against me. But my heart does not.

I am so sorry you are going through this. The loss of it is so hard to bear.