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I am supposed to be trying to get work and dealing with him if anyone can offer help it would be appreciated as i am alone and get no help from family they dont think there is anything wrong with him and that he is just a boy but its not he has been diagnosed by physcologists and all but they still wont help or listen to me
son has adhd with-odd was diagnosis at 4 1/2 yrs old by a physiatrist in arizona and was just recently changed from odd which is fading over to conduct disorder by his physiatrist this last monday, he is now 9 1/2 yrs old and is currently takeing adderall Xr 25 mg and tenex 1mg in the morning and is taking 1mg tenex at night along with 50 mg of trazadone as far as his behavior

NEW INFO- went to the physiatrist and he didnt do anything but increse his adderall from 25 to up 30 and and took him off trazadone and put him on clonidine .1mp i believe it is still waiting to go pick up the new scripts said he will see him in a month and told me not to let him be alone basiclly a constant vigil to make sure he doesnt try it again and that he shouldnt go to daycare til we get everything resolved - so i went to where im working on getting a job at and told them and they said that they had to have a note from the dr so i called back and his therapist said that the dr didnt say he couldnt go but to just have him watched close and that isnt possible at daycare as she watches more then just him she has her limit of 6 and there are 6 kids at daycare how can see keep him in site all day with 5 more running around ?


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Ok let me see if I can help at all.

What kind of health insurance do you have? If your son gets medicaid most states have a program for some sort of intensive family intervention services with his diagnosis. Call either Social Services or County Mental Health and ask to speak to someone. I dont know what it would be called in your town but here it would be something like community based services or in home services or multisystem...something like that.

A child who has a serious mental health diagnosis is eligible for serious services. They are out there to keep them from morphing into problems as adults. If all else fails contact the juvenile services dept at the court house and ask them refer you to someone who can help you. Someone can point you in the right direction. No one wants to see your 9 year old end up as a 15 year old in the system when they may be able to help him now.

They can provide wrap around services which will provide an aide to accompany him during the day, parent training, therapy, social skills classes, medication management, and a host of other things. You just need to find out how to access this.

Bug people to you tap into this.


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Ok let me see if I can get everything sorted out in my head from your posts ok? I am going to kind of paraphrase what you have told us so I can try and keep things straight for my self.

You have a now 9.5 year old boy who has ADHD and CD. He was diagnosed at 4 and has been on medications of adderal and tenex.

You are seeing bullying and dangerous behaviors in the past week alone.

You have caught him with his sister with no clothes on either of them.

The doctors have advised you to not allow him to be alone with other children unattended. am I doing?

You want advise on how to proceed from here. Ok basically what I have been able to find out is that you can get a medicaid waiver to get your child into some services that sound interesting.

You really have to knock on doors and be a pest. Tell these people you want him to have an aide with him. Tell them you want parent training. Tell them you want therapy for your other kids. Tell them you want family therapy. Heck invite them to move in with you and teach you to fix him.


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Would I be overreacting to suggest finding a nearby acute hospital for pediatric psychiatric, call and see if they have an opening or take him to that emergency room for acute behavior. That might sound drastic, but last year when my son's behavior kept escalating and I was hearing that it would take 1-2 months to even see someone for 1 hour, I found it to be the most relieving answer. Maybe I over-reacted, but I was afraid to take the chance. Then, I just told my employer, I'm sorry, my child comes first, I'm happy to work whatever hours I can until this is resolved. by the way, our local mental health dept. here drives me crazy too, they can't keep things straight, etc., you know, it's a government job.


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Our local mental health services were terrible so I had to go to a university hospital. It was a lot better. If you have Medical Assistance many univeristy hospitals take it and, in my opinion, you get better diagnoses, care and treatment. His diagnosis may have evolved to something else...I'd definitely question the CD diagnosis. and another psychiatrists opinion. Hospitalization can be a good thing--if it's a good hospital, you can get intensive evaluations and treatment. If it is in any way possible for you, I'd use services other than government healthcare. Good luck :smile:

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I know how frustrating it is. I'm a single mom as well. When my difficult child was younger she was kicked out of every day care in the area.

Try to find a teenager that can watch him after school maybe? College kid?



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The reason I am advocating contacting mental health and the above link is they are the people who can normally obtain the personnel needed for intensive in home services that are needed to provide this type of care.

Of course, if one wishes to do it without any in home help and without wrap around services then private care works too.